Shower Surround Kits Beautify Your Old Fashioned Bathroom

For mostly old bathrooms, there is only bath tub available inside the bathrooms with ceramic tiles installed on it. While time goes, the tiles are going dirty and some mold grows. It begins to crack and c rumble. Then bathrooms are going to be a scary place, refreshing place for you and your family is disappearing. Some people who feel bored with the outlook of their bathroom will install shower to get a more fresh look. In installing shower in your old bathroom will need a lot of preparations, such as preparing the shower wall and many items related to it. Thanks to the advance of shower technology, shower surround kits handle the problem easier.

Framed Shower In Luxury And Modern Design

Shower surround kits can easily be added in most bathrooms. They provide a quick and effective solution to prevent water damage from the moisture caused when you shower. It is advisable to go shopping for shower surround kits instead of buying parts individually; it will help you to save some money.

Having a shower surround kit will help you to get a thorough theme in your bathroom. Most kits come in a complete package along with stalls, frames, flooring, fixtures and curtains. Moreover you can ask for a customized kit if the manufacturers agree to your design. By installing shower surround kit will give luxurious taste into your bathroom.

Shower Surround Kits Buying Guide

Are you interested in installing shower surround kit in your bathroom? Below are some information related to shower surround kit, about materials, designs and installation option, which will help you to consider the best shower surround kit for your bathroom.

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1.    Choose for easy care materials

Most shower surround kits are durable. It is usually made of sturdy composite materials and sometimes with an acrylic finish. These surrounds are easy to clean and resistant to cracking, crumbling and peeling. The pre-formed wall panels reduce maintenance related to grouting, mold and mildew growth.

2.    Various designs are available

There are many varieties of styling, textures and finishes matching with your any bathroom decor. While choosing a shower surround kit, you have to consider the shower base configuration and make sure for left space in your bathroom.

Corner shower is an option for your small bathroom. It is square and offers an elegant look for your bathroom.

Neo Angle Shower With Cardinal Cast Glass Waterfall DoorNeo Angle Shower With Cardinal Cast Glass Waterfall Door

Neo Angle shower is unique. It has five sided diamond shaped base. It will maximize your old bathroom and give a modern taste in it.

Round Shower SurroundRound Shower Surround

Round shower surround will match in a corner of your bathroom. It’s shaped like a slice of pie with a rounded front door. It offers an efficient shower space in small area.

Mostly designs of the kits above may available a framed or frameless design to hold the shower walls, door and top cap in place.

Framed Shower In Luxury And Modern DesignFramed Shower In Luxury And Modern Design

Framed Shower uses a traditional framework to give a strong surround. Because of the frame supports the glass, it can be lighter and less expensive than that used in frameless shower. However there are some disadvantages of the design. The door design includes a track which can collect and trap water which requires a regularly cleaning. Moreover the door only can open outwards.

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Frameless Hower Custom Decorative Glass ArcticFrameless Hower Custom Decorative Glass Arctic

Frameless Shower design gives a luxury touch to your bath. It has more benefit than framed design. There will be more light in. the door doesn’t have track to collect water, so it is safe from moisture and mildew. It is easier to clean and maintain. The door can also open in and out.

3.    Installation option

To install a shower surround kit, there are two ways: direct-to-stud and glue-up.

Direct-to-stud shower walls are attached directly to studs in the wall with nails and screws. If you’re going to install in previous bathroom, you need to remove any wall cover where the surround will be installed. Installing the new direct-to-stud surround is a project for experienced people.

Whereas glue-up shower which is also known as easy-up or adhesive applied showers, attach to the wall by gluing a strong adhesive. To install using this way you need a dry wall in the area where the surround will be installed with water-repellent green board prior to installation. Installing new glue-up surround is easier than direct-to-stud, you also can do it by yourself.

After considering the items above, you can start searching the best shower surround kits for your bath. However there are two more items that you have to know; drainage and measuring. Before installing the surround you have to pay attention to the drainage. Installing a surround into existing bathroom has different ways with installing a surround into new bath. Drainage is important thing to think of or you’ll get unhealthy bathroom. Then don’t forget to measure the size of your bath, and choose a fit surround in it. Don’t put a big shower surround kit into a small bathroom.

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Well, are you ready to beautify your old-fashioned bathroom with a new shower surround kits ?