Towel Rings For Bathrooms

Towel rings for bathrooms are very handy to have in just the right spot. They come in all shapes, sizes and heights. Determining just the exact place for a towel ring takes planning. Installing a towel ring at the same height as other wall accessories in the bathroom will help the room look coordinated.

A towel ring offers the perfect place to hang a hand towel. It prevents towels from falling into the sink or onto the floor and can also be a fashionable bathroom accessory. Finding the correct installation height for your towel ring takes a little time and double-checking but results in stylish, functional bathroom decor.

Modern Towel Ring Polished ChromeModern Towel Ring Polished Chrome

The Suitable Height of Towel Rings for Bathrooms

There is no set standard mounting height for a towel ring. Comfort and ease of use are the main objectives when selecting a mounting location. Hanging the towel ring 48 inches above the ground provides a comfortable position for most adults. Consider who will be using the towel ring. If children are primarily using the restroom, place the ring 36 inches above the floor. If your family is exceptionally tall, place the ring a little higher. Ask whoever will be primarily using the restroom to test the placement before installing to ensure it is comfortably positioned. Allow enough room from the bottom of the ring to the countertop, about 18 inches, for a hand towel to hang freely.

Towel Rail With Liquid Soap DispenserTowel Rail With Liquid Soap Dispenser

The Correct Location of Towel Rings for Bathrooms

Towel rings are often placed beside the sink. Stand in front of the sink and reach out toward the wall where the towel ring will be mounted. Consider mounting the towel ring on the wall near where your fingers naturally point. Examine other nearby items like light switches, electrical outlets and other bathroom accessories to make sure they will not interfere with the placement of the towel ring. For a small bathroom, place the towel ring on the back of the door to limit a cluttered bathroom. Read the manufacturer’s directions for your towel ring. The position may depend on wall studs or other bathroom features. For children’s bathrooms, you can place the towel ring on a side wall instead of behind the sink is more accessible because children will need a lower towel ring to easily reach the towel. Seniors’ bathroomsalso have special considerations. Mounting height may be the same as for other adults, but easy access is of the utmost importance.

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Contemporary Decorative Towel Rings Unique Bull Head DesignContemporary Decorative Towel Rings Unique Bull Head Design

Towel Rings for Bathrooms Installation

This is an easy home task, you can do it by yourself, you only need spend your little time and prepare the tools, and then you can finish the entire task. The tools that you need to complete the task are pencil, stud sensor, wall anchors, drill, and screw drivers.

After all the tools are ready, the first thing you should think of is to determine where the towel ring should be placed. Ensure that the ring is at a comfortable height for all home occupants to be able to reach it easily.

After that you can find the stud nearest the location where you want to mount the towel ring. If a stud is readily accessible, mark its location. If no stud is nearby, plastic wall anchors allow you to install the towel ring anywhere along the wall.

The next step you must do is you should drill holes into the wall at the indicated marks. Drill into the stud, or if you are using wall anchors, drill a hole wide enough to accommodate the anchors. Drill the holes as straight as possible for the best connection to the bracket. Then, hold the mounting bracket in place over the holes or anchors. Insert the screws and gently tighten them until the bracket is secure.

The final step is you need to place the towel ring over the mounting bracket. Center the notches inside the ring base over the raised section of the bracket. Locate the small set screw on the underside of the base. Using a small slotted screwdriver, hand-tighten the screw to secure the bracket and ring together against the wall.

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Well, now your towel rings for bathrooms have been installed already, it’s very easy and quick task, isn’t it? Enjoy your new towel rings.