Guideline Of Linen Cabinets For Bathrooms

Linen cabinets for bathrooms are one type of bathroom storage furniture that fits in nicely with smaller bathroom settings. They are usually tall, thin cabinets that can be placed against a wall for storing towels, sheets and bath accessories. A corner linen tower can fit snugly against the corner wall of your bathroom to save even more space. These pieces are available in different colors or wood finishes including cherry, walnut, oak and pine.

White Wooden Bathroom Space Saver Storage Linen Cabinet Shelves Bath OrganizerWhite Wooden Bathroom Space Saver Storage Linen Cabinet Shelves Bath Organizer

Some styles of linen cabinets for bathrooms contain open shelves for easy access to the items being stored while others come with covered or glass cabinet doors to hide the products within. Cabinets with adjustable shelves offer more flexibility in storage as linens and towels could be stored at the bottom and more delicate items placed on the top shelf. Linen cabinets, or usually called as linen towers, come in a variety of beautiful styles to include both traditional and contemporary designs. They are but one way you can organize your bathroom accessories while sprucing up the environment.

Tall Narrow Linen Storage Cabinet In Modern White Bahtroom StyleTall Narrow Linen Storage Cabinet In Modern White Bahtroom Style

Styles of Linen Cabinets for Bathrooms

It can be a struggle for anyone looking for bathroom linen cabinets to find a piece that goes well with their existing bathroom furniture and fixtures. Browsing through the huge array of available cabinets can leave shoppers overwhelmed, especially if they don’t know the terminology used to describe furniture styles. Below is an explanation of the three most common styles that you will come across in your search.

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The first style is traditional linen cabinets. Traditional bathroom linen cabinets take their inspiration from antique European design. In some cases you will also find Asian-inspired designs, which were popular in the United State and Europe during the Victorian era. The traditional style encompasses a variety of more specific styles, such as Neoclassical, French Country, or British Colonial.

The traditional style is very orderly, with furniture pieces often being purchased in matching sets of several pieces to give an entire room a cohesive look. If you are redoing your bathroom in the traditional style you may want to make your linen cabinet and any other furniture in the room, such as your vanity and sink cabinet, match for a very traditional look. If you are adding a cabinet to your existing bathroom set you can try to match the finish. If you’re not able to do that it is usually best to find a piece that complements your existing furniture in shape but deliberately has a very different finish. This way you don’t end up with a cabinet that almost matches the other furniture but fails.

Corner Linen Cabinets For Cozy Traditional Contemporary White Bathrooms ColorCorner Linen Cabinets For Cozy Traditional Contemporary White Bathrooms Color

Traditional bathroom linen cabinets, like other traditional furniture, tend to be quite ornate with a lot of detailed carving and molding. This style features curving lines that give a feminine feel. The scale of the furniture can be much larger than other styles, so make sure your bathroom is large enough to accommodate a larger piece of furniture. For materials, traditional cabinets feature wood, either stained or painted, and Traditional cabinets are made from a wide variety of woods, either stained or painted. Doors and drawers can be either wood or glass and the hardware can come in a variety of finishes. It is a good idea to match the hardware to the finish on your faucet and other furniture.

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Modern Design Wall Hung Bathroom Storage Linen CabinetModern Design Wall Hung Bathroom Storage Linen Cabinet

The next style is modern style. It is the complete opposite of the traditional style. This sleek, uncluttered style focuses on utility, using the space they occupy more efficiently than a traditional cabinet. These bathroom linen cabinets can have an almost complete lack of ornamentation, using highly contrasting hardware or glass elements instead of intricate wood details to bring out the design. As the focus in the modern style is on straight lines, modern furniture can feel very masculine.

Some people worry about modern bathroom linen cabinets looking cold; however there are many options in deep, rich wood tones that will keep your bathroom from looking too clinical. Chrome and glass are commonly used materials in modern style cabinets, often providing a nice contrast against the dark woods.

Modern Design Wall Hung Bathroom Storage Linen Cabinets In Dark Color Corda WoodModern Design Wall Hung Bathroom Storage Linen Cabinets In Dark Color Corda Wood

This style may not be for you if you tend to be a bit messy. Because of the clean lines of the furniture, a few things lying out on your bathroom sink could look cluttered. Fortunately, many modern cabinets come with solid doors that can easily be used to hide your clutter away.

The last style is transitional. Transitional design is a blend of features from both the traditional and modern styles. This style includes more specific groups such as the Shaker and Arts & Crafts styles. Transitional furniture is great if you find the traditional style too formal and stuffy but find the modern style to be too cold or too trendy. The lines and embellishments of transitional furniture are simpler than that of traditional pieces, but more elaborate than those of modern designs. While not always trendy like modern furniture, transitional cabinets have a classic, timeless look that will last for many years to come.

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The focus in transitional design is a more relaxed, casual look that fits well with a wide variety of furniture pieces and fixtures. These bathroom linen cabinets tend to be more moderately scaled and so can fit into smaller bathrooms.  Transitional furniture combines both curves and straight lines, making it not too masculine or too feminine. This is a great option if your bathroom will be shared by a man and a woman.

These descriptions should make it easier for you to find the cabinet that you are looking for. Remember, these are not hard and fast design rules, in the end get something that you are happy with and don’t worry too much about matching the style classification of your other furniture pieces. There are styles of bathroom linen cabinets that go well with the decor in any home.