The Ultimate Of Bamboo Flooring In Bathroom

The Ultimate of Bamboo Flooring in BathroomIf you are in remodeling project of your bathroom, it’s so important to choose a good type of flooring because it usually gets really wet. Do you know that bamboo flooring in bathroom is a good choice for not only beautifying your bathroom, but also it has many benefits. You can get to know all the benefits of having bamboo flooring in your bathroom below.

Eco Friendly Bamboo Floor Mat Options For A Cool Bathroom DesignEco Friendly Bamboo Floor Mat Options For A Cool Bathroom Design

Bamboo is eco-friendly. If you have decided to go ‘green’ due to the threat of global warming, then bamboo is a great choice for the flooring in your bathroom. Bamboo grows back very, very fast, so harvesting it for reasons such as home design isn’t bad to our environment. This is considered the best reason to choose bamboo flooring, not only for your bathroom but even for your kitchen as well.

Installing bamboo flooring is much easier than installing wood or tile floors. It takes one to two days as opposed to a week or two with the other types of flooring available. It doesn’t require a lot of nailing, and the installation is called “tongue and grove”. This is the second most popular reason why people choose bamboo flooring for their homes.

Bamboo Flooring in Luxury Purple Wall Tile Art Deco BathroomBamboo Flooring in Luxury Purple Wall Tile Art Deco Bathroom

Bamboo is very cheap. The cost of flooring depends on the quality, which, in most cases, is why wood flooring is so expensive. However, high quality bamboo is cheaper than wood and even tile floors. Not only is it cheap, but you are able to install it yourself. This saves on total cost overall, because you don’t have to pay a contractor or an installation service to do it for you.

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With bamboo flooring, there are tons of different styles you can choose from. There’s a different look and feel for anyone’s dream bathroom. Different manufacturers supply different types of bamboo flooring, these manufacturers include: Far East, Bamboo Garden, Ming Dynasty, Springwood, Woodstock, and Panda Lumber.

Bamboo Flooring and Bamboo Floor Mat in Modern ShowerBamboo Flooring and Bamboo Floor Mat in Modern Shower

Bamboo flooring is very durable. It holds up to all the moisture that the floor gathers, and the high traffic volume of people coming in and out of your bathroom. Manufacturers add stain and water resistant products to the material they use to build the flooring so that the bamboo doesn’t suck up the water (after all, it is a grass).

Bamboo flooring in bathroom by its nature has greater dimensional stability and less expansion and contraction than traditional wood floors. This stability is further enhanced by its constructional lay-up. In regard to moisture bamboo floors outperform solid wood flooring due to its innate moisture resistance and stability with minimal expansion and contraction.