Spacer Concealed Bath: Innovative Solutions For Small Bathrooms

For those who do not want to completely give up the bathtub, but have limited space, here’s the latest news coming from the world of  design: bathtubs for every need, be installed in small bathrooms. After the items of furniture convertible, practical and functional, capable of making a low table with a worthy dining table, a mirror or picture reclining who are transformed into tables and worktops, get innovative solutions for the bathroom, where tanks are that become new sinks and bathtubs disappeared.

Spacer Concealed BathSpacer Concealed Bath: ideal for small bathrooms

Limited space bathrooms with style

An ingenious example is certainly that of the basin signed by Dominik Chojnacki, capable of resolving the issue of limited space in the bathroom with style and practicality! After several years spent studying the feasibility studies and projects, Chojnacki has come to design spacer, the bathtub on the pull down after use can be rotated upwards, so that it adheres to the wall in this way ‘footprint is minimized and you can live with greater freedom the space environment, free from cumbersome bath!

spacer the tub in a vertical position

Spacer the tub in a vertical position is adherent to the wall in a stable and secure

The movement is controlled by a robust pin, made of stainless steel and located at the base of the tank, which, thanks to a blocking system, ensures the bath tub itself a vertical position absolutely stable, preventing it from moving or lower even accidentally. At the moment when you want to use the tank is sufficient to unlock the pin and riabbassarla! The operation is rendered less tiring thanks to the resistance imposed by the internal mechanism that prevents the tank from slipping during the movement to be performed to lower the structure prior to its use. Once you have located the tank and moving it horizontally, just plug in the wall is a tube that acts as a support for the basin that discharge of water (of course, because this is possible, we provide a hydraulic system suitable for the specific requirements !). Even the classic tap has been revolutionized and redesigned into a series of openings, always with the goal to save space and provide greater convenience and comfort while using the bathtub. Moreover, making some appropriate changes, you can use these modern faucets as fillers for the whirlpool and the typical treatments turkish bath or sauna.

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In addition to functionality, this solution boasts an attractive and modern design: externally decorated with floral motifs, is of great visual impact and in step with the times! This is undoubtedly an excellent solution for those who have a small apartment to enjoy the luxury of a bath cumbersome.

bath convertible to sink

Bath convertible to sink: great result of research in the small room solutions!

If the tub in your bathroom right there could be problems for size, it is not true that it is necessary to give up! Another solution very innovative and great aesthetic effect comes directly from Australia ‘. We’re talking about a bath of refined design and the dual function, designed by Coco Reynolds, perfect to fit into small spaces, which boasts great potential.

The solution that provides “two in one health” is well resolved in this case: the tub-sink design features a soft, fully fulfills the aesthetic function of design. A bath of reduced dimensions that, thanks to its top edge, is transformed into a real basin allowing to transform the negative condition of lack of space in a choice.

Small, practical and aesthetically taken care of and completely independent from the rest of the bathroom, has the ability to turn a quick and easy gesture sink into a comfortable bath, in order to enjoy an intimate and relaxing bath, even if you can do so only by sitting position.

spacer concealed bath colorsAvailable in different colors, currently comes in red, black and white, with shining finish!

Simply superimposing its lid to the perimeter of the tank, here is that you can get a plane with sink, ready to be used comfortably. The sink is very light and easy to remove, to give way to tanks made of materials with low-cost (in line with the market trends) but is very strong. Access to the inside of the tank is facilitated by the presence of a step that is activated by a button and retracts when it is not necessary.

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