Kids Step Stool For Bathroom

If you have children and want to train them how to brush their teeth well, the most important tool that you must have is kids step stool for bathroom. The tools will help your children to reach the sink, so that they can do their brushing activity. Nowadays there are many designs and materials of kids step stool. You can choose which one you think suit, safe and comfort for your children.

colorfull children bathrooms with wood step stoolcolorfull children bathrooms with wood step stool

The function of Kids Step Stool for Bathroom

When potty-training children, especially younger children, making sure they have everything they need to use the bathroom is important. Ensuring they have a potty seat or chair to use is important, as well as making sure there is a potty step stool also. The potty step stool is probably the second most important tool for a child to use the bathroom. If they cannot reach the toilet, or if it is difficult for them to get on or off or they do not feel secure getting on the toilet, they will not go either.

3 in 1 soft seat trainer potty and kids step stool3 in 1 soft seat trainer potty and kids step stool

These kids steps stools for bathroom are a great way to help toddlers during potty training or to give them that extra few inches to reach the sink while they learn to brush their teeth. Step stools for kids are a great way to help your child reach what they need. Get step stools to coordinate with your bathroom or in fun colors that inspire your child to use the step stool while they learn because it’s theirs. Remember to stay safe and use adult supervision while your children use step stools.

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unique design kids step stool crocodile design with 3 different heightunique design kids step stool crocodile design with 3 different height

Step by Step Decorating Kids Step Stool for Bathroom

Instead of buying a cheap plastic step stool, it will look nice to decorate a wooden stepstool with a hand-painted frog complete with warts. The warts will provide traction for little feet, and they will add character to this easy-to-make stepstool especially for kids. This is one stepstool you will never find in stores.

personalized cute little girl step stoolpersonalized cute little girl step stool

First thing you can do, you may begin by drawing the outline of a frog in the center of the stepstool, and keep in mind you do not have be an artist to create a simple painted frog. After drawing the outline, make warts of various sizes using wood filler. Allow the wood filler to dry completely, and paint the wart-covered frog using latex craft paint. After the paint dries, cover it with a coating of clear gloss, and allow the gloss to dry before placing it in the bathroom. The finished stool will be extremely cute and highly original, and your kids will absolutely love it.

Children have their own world, that’s why when we choose some tools for them, we have to pay attention to their interests and favorites, including when we choose kids step stool for bathroom. It is suggested that you do not only think of the safety and comfort, but also how the stool can make the children’s bath activity more cheerful.