Bathroom Remodeling : A Toilet Cover With Lots Of Color

Sometimes maybe a bathroom tiled anonymous monochromatic colors off can be revived with a few easy steps without having to spend lots of money.

decorative artdeco stickers for bathrooms wall

Stickers of ActeDeco applied on the wall of the bath

The first thing to do is to choose a color that predominates over the rest of the room and be comfortable with the existing tiles and coverings, for example, if the tiles are white or gray, you can choose the blue or green. With this color you can paint the radiator and wall units or cabinets that you already have.

To liven up the walls, you can buy decorative stickers in shades choices (on the market, there are several subjects: floral elements, marine, geometric, etc..) That are attached to the tiles, so you can create a border all around the bath at about 80 cm.  From the ground or around the mirror or just pasting some points here and there that seem most appropriate. Are also beautiful wall stickers that with a minimum cost and within minutes you decorate an entire wall.

A very important role and have the curtains on the windows, rugs, shower curtain and towels, but you can play by choosing bold colors in various shades (to be chosen always in tune with the rest of the room).

An original idea and inexpensive option is to replace the cover with an original and colorful, the market will exist for all tastes: colored, opaque, transparent, funny, sophisticated, even with shells, leaves and beads in them.

If you want to give a touch of color and romance to the bathroom, you can choose a model such as the photo shown at below, transparent petals and flowers in shades of blue and blue. In a bathroom used by children may instead choose a cheerful and colorful toilet seat like the one shown in the photo below.

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colored toilet cover  saniplastCover colored toilet Saniplast

transparent toilet cover saniplastCover toilet transparent Saniplast

satin toilet cover saniplastCover toilet satin Saniplast

toilet cover bahamas styletoilet cover bahamas style

artistic toilet  cover oceanartistic toilet  cover ocean

For those who prefer to stay on the classic are:

– Wc in various shades of wood, particularly of effect if chosen combined with existing furniture and shelves in the bathroom;

– Wc imitating marble, indicated if the top of the base unit is the same material;

– Wc creating  “frosted glass”, suitable in every bathroom and particularly among those who have a modern shower and a washbasin top satin.