How To Choose The Best Bathroom Signs Printable?

Bathroom signs printable are always been looked for many people nowadays, especially for you who run public restroom business. At first, bathroom signs are only for a sign to differentiate between where the restroom for women and where the restroom for men is. However, in the development, the signs have been a never ending creativity for some art workers. The creativity of bathroom signs are improving in these years and then you can find some websites offer you bathroom signs, not only in their basic models, but also funny models.

Small Women Bathroom

Small Women Bathroom

Although they are simple, bathroom signs are very helpful, not only for the customers but also for the businesses. The thing you must remember is you have to make sure that you have the right signs that can help.

There are many bathroom signs printable offered by many websites right now, but you must know that there are some common information you should know about the signs. When choosing the bathroom signs, you must choose a familiar symbol so that the customers will recognize easier and they will feel that the signs are very helpful. This familiarity can be a great source of comfort for the owners, visitors and customers. Comfort is essential for welcoming customers and clients to your business and then making them feel reassured and more willing to do some other business with you.

Pink Women Sign

Pink Women Sign

Types of Common ADA Bathroom Signs Printable

There are several sizes available, but the most familiar in many areas is the 8×8 inch square signs. If you are searching in the internet, you will find many types of bathroom signs, but here the common types of ADA bathroom signs. If you are looking for the basic bathroom signs, these are the ones:

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The Standard Restroom Location Sign – This is the restroom sign that has graphic symbols, you can find various graphic symbols now, for both male and female restroom locations. Use this sign to mark the general path leading to restroom areas containing both rooms.

The Men’s Restroom Sign – This ADA sign features a raised graphic symbol for male and is used to mark the men’s restroom. The basic graphic of men sign is a standing man.  Place this sign in the immediate area for that room type, and anyone will be able to find it with no problem.

Bathroom Men Sign

Bathroom Men Sign

The Women’s Restroom Sign – The graphic symbol for female is raised from the sign surface and marks the women’s restroom. The basic graphic of women sign is a standing creature wearing a skirt or a dress. Symbols like this one have been created with a minimum of design features to create the simplest and clearest identity for restrooms.

The Men’s ISA Restroom Sign – This restroom sign features the standard symbol for male plus the recognized symbol for International Symbol of Accessibility, or ISA. This is the wheelchair accessible symbol that has become a familiar sight in businesses everywhere.

Creative Sign of Men's Bathroom

Creative Sign of Men’s Bathroom

The Women’s ISA Restroom Sign – Similar to the men’s ISA restroom sign but uses a female symbol. This sign is also used at the room location for restrooms with wheelchair accessibility.

The Unisex ISA Restroom Sign – If your facility contains a restroom area accessible to both genders, this unisex sign can be used. The symbols for male and female are combined on the sign just as they are on the standard restroom sign, and the ISA symbol is added to mark wheelchair accessibility for all.

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Unique Vintage Men's Bathroom

Unique Vintage Men’s Bathroom

Besides those basic signs, you can still find many funny shapes of bathroom signs printable. Some creativity to differentiate between men and women room now can be revealed in many ways, such as using the picture of bee to show a man’s room and butterfly to show a woman’s room. You can also find a picture of a creature who is thinking of football to show a man’s room, and a picture of a creature who is thinking of shopping to show a woman’s room. There are also some pictures reveal the sexuality to differentiate the room’s function. There are many options of the signs now; your duty now is only choosing the right sign for you. The best way to choose the bathroom signs is you should choose the signs that suits with your restroom’s needs. For example, if you run a restroom for professional employees, it is better to choose a basic bathroom sign, but if you run a cafe restroom that is intended for young people, you can choose some funny signs to make them enjoy and come to your cafe in other time. Another option you can try to make your own signs that fits your needs.