Arranging A Bathroom With Ocean Bathroom Decor

Ocean bathroom decor is one of the most favorite bathroom decors since it is blue, calm and refreshing. When you decor your bathroom in ocean theme, it feels like you are in the middle of ocean enjoying the beauty of sea while swimming around the fish and seashells. As  bathroom right now is a basic place to come up our energy after all busy days, we dream to have a refreshing bathroom which is not only giving us a splashing water for our body but a sparkling view for our eyes. Ocean decoration is good enough for letting us to get those advantages.

Ocean Bathroom DecorOcean Bathroom Decor

Step by Steps to Arrange an Ocean Bathroom 

Paint the Bathroom with Colors from the Ocean – You can quickly transform your bathroom into an ocean theme by painting it with the colors of the ocean, such as blue, green, tan, and cream. You also can add a unique twist to the theme by painting one wall an accent color like turquoise and the other walls cream. Add more color to the room by adding yellow. You will be amazed how yellow can highlight the feeling of warm sunlight over the ocean. If you tend to be really creative, you can try to paint a mural of an ocean scene on one of the bathroom walls. For an extravagant result, you can choose to have a 3D mural that will  bring you into a real ocean. In this way, you can fill in a large space and also create a great highlight for the area. If the bathroom is right off your bedroom, then it will seem as if you are right on the ocean.

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Aquatic Bathroom IdeaAquatic Bathroom Idea

Use Real Ocean Accessories – Instead of buying all your decor items from the store, why don’t you try to collect the real ocean items when you visit the nearest beach? They will work more than the faking items. It’s amazing how things such as shells and sand make such great additions to the room. To add instant ambiance, place a basket of shells or bottles of sand on the shelf.

Blue Lagoon Fish Bathroom AccessoriesBlue Lagoon Fish Bathroom Accessories

Hang an Ocean-Themed Shower Curtain – Shower curtain is the one of the first things people see when they walk into a bathroom. Hang an ocean-themed shower curtain for all to see. In this way, you can really play up the shower area. You might choose a curtain with a beautiful ocean or beach scene, or go with a more playful look, perhaps with pictures of fish. Decide whether you’re trying to create an ocean retreat or a fun beach theme, and choose your curtain accordingly.

Ocean Theme For Decorating Your BathroomOcean Theme For Decorating Your Bathroom

Look for Themed Accessories to Complete the Look – It is not difficult at all to find bathroom accessories that fit in with the decor, as ocean themes are popular these days. There should be lots of soap dishes, bath mats, wastebaskets, and even towels that are ocean-themed. Tailor the accessories to fit the theme. For instance, if you’re creating a fun bathroom decor, then choose something like a fish-shaped soap dish. But if you’re going for a serious ocean retreat, then try something like shell-shaped soaps displayed in a blue soap dish.

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Ocean Wall Decal BathroomOcean Wall Decal Bathroom

By doing those four simple steps of arranging ocean bathroom decor, you will come a real ocean to your bathroom. Now you will not only get a beautiful look of bathroom, but also a refreshing place.