Victorian Bathroom Decor: A Classic Style For Your Bathroom

Victorian bathroom decor is intended for you who want to feel a bathroom condition in the late 1800s. If you are trying to remodel your bathroom into Victorian style, you have to prepare a lot of money and time since this is a high class bathroom style which is full of rich woods and cast iron accents.

Silver Metallic Victorian BathroomSilver Metallic Victorian Bathroom

The most Victorian style bathrooms feature Victorian inspired colors on the walls, such as burgundy, deep purples and blues, while some like to choose replicated wallpaper from the era, such as large floral prints highlighted with gold or silver tone stripes. Tin ceilings, which were also popular during the era, can be used in a bathroom matching most colors in the decor. Claw-foot tubs were important part to Victorians, and these tubs can be refurbished or bought with modern amenities, including a detachable, handheld showerhead. Sinks were lined in mahogany cabinetry establishing the rich style. Floors were either finished in hardwood or featured imported marble floors.

Interior Design Victorian BathroomInterior Design Victorian Bathroom

Create a Victorian Bathroom Decor in Your Own Bathroom

Paint colors take the important part for Victorian style. That’s why the first main thing to do if you want to create a Victorian decor in your bathroom, you have to consider the paint color choices. The main paint colors used in Victorian bathroom decor are white and cream, but you can also use light pastels such as yellow or purple. If you decide to use color, add accents such as white crown molding or wood trim. It will look nice if you leave the ceiling white.

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Bathroom Victorian Lighting StyleBathroom Victorian Lighting Style

Tubs and sinks are the fixtures you must consider as well. The best way is by installing a double his-and-her sink in your bathroom. White porcelain sinks are suitable for this type of bathroom theme. Then, you must have a claw-foot Victorian tub with silver fixtures. These are usually found at your local home improvement store, but you may also need to special order them depending on where you live. Make sure to match the tub and sink fixtures so everything blends together.

The next thing you should do is you can place framed Victorian-inspired artwork on two or three walls in your bathroom. It is suggested to choose silver old-fashioned frames or simple white wooden frames. Select photos or paintings of Victorian style homes or people from that era. These simple decorative accents will add a finishing touch to your wash room.

Victorian Luxury Bathroom DecorVictorian Luxury Bathroom Decor

In many bathrooms, especially small ones, the shower curtain is the largest wealth. Using a match shower curtain to emphasis your Victorian theme can be effective. Find a shower curtain with a Victorian pattern. Curtains with lacey patterns or faux upholstery designs work well. Match it to the color scheme you’ve chosen.

You cannot underestimate vanity accessories. Soap dispensers and dishes, toothbrush cups and tissue holders can all be adapted to the Victorian theme. They will give you a wonderful accent to your bath. Gold, silver or other ornate metal designs work perfectly. Even ceramic accessories can fit the theme, especially if they have painted designs on them reminiscent of fine china tea sets.

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Victorian with a Black TubVictorian with a Black Tub

Hanging towels can also help along the Victorian theme. It is recommended to choose period-suitable colors such as deep red, gold or rich green. Floral washcloths are good option. Hand towels with gold braid or fringe are also a favorite trending of the era, as are embroidered floral designs or monograms on the towels.

Victorian decor generally meant a lot of accessories and knickknacks, even to the point of crowding. The accessories will add additional details to your bathroom. Some accessories are recommended for you to create a Victorian decor such as lacy curtains or old fashioned soaps. You can also place bath salts on the counter in Victorian style cobalt blue bottles. Installing silver door hooks on the door for hanging robes is also a good way. Include items such as dried flowers in a glass vase or vintage bath rugs.

Victorian Bathroom StyleVictorian Bathroom Style

Some tips above are the ways to create Victorian bathroom decor easily. So, if you love classical theme, prepare some funds because Victorian decor is not inexpensive, and get ready to come a classical era to your modern moment bathroom.