Laminate Flooring For Bathrooms

Laminate flooring for bathrooms is not a common way to take for doing some flooring project in your bathroom. There are some pros and contras related to this case. The pros to having laminate flooring in your bathroom state that laminate flooring is very user friendly. Many homeowners love a DIY project, and laminate flooring is one of those. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can have all of the laminate flooring, moldings, and trim pieces installed in one week-end. Moreover, laminate flooring will not dent or scratch. Think of the times that a blow dryer, curling iron, or bottle of something has hit the flooring in your bathroom. When you have laminate flooring installed you will never have to worry about those occasional “dings” in your flooring. Laminate flooring is also very easy to clean. A damp mop and the occasional vinegar and water solution, and your bathroom floor are one you can enjoy for years to come. The emphasis here is on a damp mop. You should never use a saturated mop on your laminate flooring. Laminate Flooring is available in “tile” or “slate” look- so you can enjoy the look of ceramic tiles without the hassle of installing it and spending a fortune on it.

Laminated Bathroom FlooringLaminated Bathroom Flooring

While the cons to having laminate flooring in your bathroom state that laminate flooring can become slippery when wet. To minimize the chance of a fall and the amount of water that is dripped onto your laminate flooring; a rug next to the bath tub or shower is a good investment. Moreover, laminate flooring can warp if the moisture level becomes excessive. If you keep the standing ponds of water out of your bathroom and run an occasional exhaust fan, this should not be a problem.

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Regarding the pros and cons related to laminate flooring for bathrooms, they can be your consideration before deciding to laminate your bathroom floors. If you choose to laminate your bathroom, here are some tips and information that you must know about bathroom laminate flooring.

Laminated Ceramic Floor BathroomLaminated Ceramic Floor Bathroom

Tips for Installing Laminate Flooring for Bathrooms

Before getting the tips, you should know about top picks for laminate bathroom flooring. Oak laminate flooring is the first option. This is the most popular style of wood laminate flooring in bathrooms. It is especially popular in spas as it makes them look classy and executive.

Pine laminate flooring is good for your bathroom because it provides a clean and bright look inside the bathroom, thus making it a favorite pick among decorators. Tuscan stone laminate is the other option. For a richer look, the Tuscan stone laminate definitely stands out. It provides a sophisticated and warm aura to the bathroom. Travertine laminate flooring is the last top picks bathroom laminate flooring. A lighter colored stone, the travertine laminate flooring leaves a refreshing and warm look to the bathroom.

After you choose the material for your bathroom laminate flooring, you should know the installation tip. The first tip is you can install laminate flooring inside the bathroom but never in an area that gets consistently wet like the shower floor. The second tip is you don’t leave any standing water for too long on your laminate flooring. It can lead to blistering and buckling. Quickly dry the floor if there is any overflow or spillage. The third tip is you don’t use an abrasive brush when cleaning your laminate bathroom flooring. A damp mop will do.

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Hardwood Laminated Bathroom FloorHardwood Laminated Bathroom Floor

After getting to know the tips of installing bathroom laminate flooring. Now you can prepare yourself to install it. Follow the instructions below to get the best result of bathroom laminate flooring installation.

First, layout your laminate flooring before actually gluing it down. Allow a ¼ inch adjustment from each wall as spacing for expansion of the laminate planks. Lay the planks side by side. After that, cut the pieces that are appropriately needed around fixtures using a power saw. You can see which pieces you need to cut as you make your dry run. A rubber flooring underlay is recommended. Usually, the installation instructions for this underlay are written on the package. It’s just like cutting paper and shaping it to fit the fixtures. Then, lay the laminate floor planks making sure that they snap together. When you click the joints together, you will see that a thin strip of glue may show on the surface. Wipe with a damp cloth immediately before the glue dries. The glue will prevent moisture from seeping into the planks. The last step you must do is you can caulk around the edges of the flooring (including the ¼ inch space) and fixtures. Ensure that there are no holes near the bath tub and toilet as you caulk to prevent water from entering.

Laminate Flooring In BathroomLaminate Flooring In Bathroom

Laminate flooring for bathrooms can be your wonderful choice for your bathroom. The most important thing you must consider some things mentioned above before deciding to install the laminate flooring, so that you can get the best installation result.

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