Inspiration For Bathroom Makeovers

Bathroom makeovers are great task; there are many things to consider before doing the makeovers. The first important to consider is budgeting. Without the exact budget, you will not get the best result of makeovers because you will do the makeovers without well-planned. Budgeting help you to determine what kinds of makeovers will do and how big the makeovers will have. After counting the budget you may choose the style of makeovers you will need. Below is some inspiration for your makeovers project.

The First Inspiration: Bathroom Conversion Makeovers

Conversion Bathroom (Before)Conversion Bathroom (Before)

You can see the picture above that describe the previous room. The room had complete problems; mold, crumbling plaster, and rotten window frames. When you have this kind of bathroom, you should do a total makeover.

Bathroom Conversion (After)Bathroom Conversion (After)

After the makeover, you will not see the miserable place anymore. This former bedroom was stripped right back, the plaster was replaced, along with the windows and electrics, and new plumbing was introduced to create a room that was generous-sized, ideal for a family. To give the room a feeling of real glamour, the chimney breast was blocked up to create enough space for twin vanity units, both of which have plenty of storage space beneath the sinks for bathroom bottles. The free-standing bath sits centrally framed beneath the window and, halfway up the alcove wall, a bathroom TV was set into the mosaic tiles. Good bathroom lighting is important to plan in. The long mirror above the vanity units is lit by wall lights, while the rest of the room is kept bright with halogen spots. Both these measures help the room feel like it’s lit by daylight, even at night. In a big room, you can afford to go for a more dramatic color scheme. The dark wood of the units is contrasted by pale colors on the floor and walls, which help create a feeling of space.

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The Second Inspiration: Cramped Bathroom Makeovers

Cramped BathroomCramped Bathroom

Before the makeover, the bathroom is so miserable. Stuck in the 1980s, this bathroom had one big drawback; boxed in pipework behind the toilet and at the end of the bath, both of which created ugly lines within the room.

Cramped to Beautiful BathCramped to Beautiful Bath

After the makeover, this classic bathroom layout is one that many of us are stuck with. The right hand wall was brought forward to hide the pipework and to allow for a built-in cupboard and a wall-hung, back-to-the-wall toilet. Doing so kept the bathroom storage hidden and gave the room the straight lines it lacked before, helping it to feel bigger and better. To add an element of decoration to an otherwise cramped space, plain tiles were rejected in favor of traditionally patterned ones with a metallic glimmer. These bathroom tiles were carried on to the bath panel, and this continuation helps exaggerates space, too. Whether wallpaper or tiles, ensure it has a glimmer to it if it’s in a small space. Doing so creates a feeling of depth and helps reflect light. A towel rail sits at the end of the bath, which helps save space elsewhere, and a plain glass screen blends into the background to help heighten the feeling of space.

The Third Inspiration: Small Bathroom Makeovers

Small Bathroom Before MakeoverSmall Bathroom Before Makeover

Before doing the makeovers, this small bathroom is very awful. This bathroom is L-shaped, has a sloping ceiling over the bath and one tiny window. Getting any kind of character into the scheme, while adding storage space, was a real project.

Small Bathroom After MakeoverSmall Bathroom After Makeover

After the makeovers’ done, this tiny room battled postage stamp size dimensions, a sloping ceiling and small window. There wasn’t much choice for the layout of this room, so the only space for storage was above the loo. Combining hidden storage with open shelving allows for both a tidy space that has an element of display, a must if you want to bring some character into a small room. To enhance space, the scheme was basically all-white, with hints of blue in the tiles, towels, bottles and the pale blue of the wall behind the toilet and sink. A large mirror sitting above the sink also helps bounce light around the room. Good lighting is also key. The tiny proportions of this room, exacerbated by the sloping ceiling above the bath meant that even a full-sized, fixed shower screen was out of the question. So, a folding screen that could be put flat back against the wall meant that the bath was accessible.

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The Fourth Inspiration: Large Mosaic Bathroom Makeovers

Mosaic Bathroom Before MakeoverMosaic Bathroom Before Makeover

If you want to change your kitchen or bedroom into bathroom, you can do this makeover project. There was lots of space in this room for the bathroom to have a big impact, but first it had to be stripped out completely: the house had been split into bedsits, and this bathroom previously housed a kitchen/living room of the middle floor bedsit.

Mosaic Bathroom After MakeoverMosaic Bathroom After Makeover

After the makeover project has been done, this bathroom has what most don’t; bags of space. If you’ve transformed what was once a bedroom into a bathroom, here’s how to make the most of yours. The Roca bath was built into a wooden-framed surround, which was then covered with the same H&R Johnson truffle colored mosaic tiles that cover the wall behind the shower and the entire floor of the bathroom. Placing the bath centrally makes a real focal point of it and also leaves plenty of wall space for the large shower cubicles. A dark brown radiator blends with the rest of the scheme and provides plenty of heat, but its long narrow shape means it takes up little valuable wall space. To complete the hotel bathroom look, there are two sinks within the huge vanity unit, which also has lots of storage space for unsightly bathroom products. The back-to-the-wall toilet sits in front of a mosaiced box, on top of which there is plenty of display and storage space. Painting the walls to match the tiles makes the large space feel smaller and more welcoming and also adds to the feeling of luxury by exaggerating the amount of tiles used. The wood of the vanity unit has also been chosen to tone with the color of the tiles and paint, helping the room feel more streamlined. Bulrush matt emulsion, Leyland Paints. The original sash window was restored back to its former glory. The Roman blind is an unusual choice for a bathroom, but it helps add to the feeling of luxury and comfort. Virginia Creeper roman blind in Sweet Pea by Clarissa Hulse for Eclectics. The deep brown of the tiles is shot through with touches of bronze, which give them a reflective quality – ideal for such a dark scheme. Sleek, contemporary fittings give the bathroom that hotel-chic style. If you’re going for a similar style, save money on the main fittings, such as the bath, loo and sinks but be prepared to spend more on the fittings.

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Hopefully this will help you to do your bathroom makeovers. Once more, don’t forget budgeting and planning your project as well, so that you get the best result as your want.