The Evolution Of Glass Washbasins

The Evolution of Glass Washbasins – Going back in time, history tells us that the first forms were a sink basin with a wrought iron frame, where the circular part above was used as a support for the porcelain bowl of water. The tradition has changed over time and in the sink basin is a source of inspiration for current models, characterized by high visual impact and special materials, in addition to being almost purely decorative element in many parts of the Contract.

Forms oval, rectangular, circular, square, the favourite choices, but also solutions irregular, almost sculptural, available in various colors or in classic black and white, this is what the market offers.

Transparent Glass Washbasins Sink

For people who demand the aesthetic point of view, looking for a modern bathroom for your home, the market offers an innovative type of sink is in the composition of the material from the point of view of the plant.
The solutions are many, both in material processing, thin and transparent, both in the techniques adopted to limit the exposed installations, and products such as drain to drain the water.

Modern Blue Transparent Washbasin by Villeroy & Boch Liaison CollectionModern Blue Transparent Washbasin by Villeroy & Boch Liaison Collection

In the present case we have crystal washbasins, positioned cantilever to the cabinet that contains them, and that at the same time conceal the hoses and eliminate the traditional drain, thanks to a cascade system, which drains the water with the inclination of the plane of the tank crystal.

The glass washbasins provide numerous aesthetic for the bath. Lighten the impact of health, thanks to the transparency and the lure with water. Allow the use of forms to bowl, even strange, that increase the aesthetic impact. And in the versions of colored glass, bring a touch of color, accentuating the decorative aspect. The glass washbasins can also have different finishing solutions. In commerce there are crystal surfaces forged, sanded, or buffed smooth and perfectly transparent.

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Transparent WashBasin Bubble by Antonio LupiTransparent WashBasin Bubble by Antonio Lupi

Among the solutions in clear glass sink, the product Bubble, by designer Carlo Colombo for Antonio Lupi brand, is simple but very scenic. Soft lines, which do look like a vase, the Bubble is a version sink countertop, made of blown glass, complete with drain open drain fitting and special siphon.

Liaison Transparent Washbasin by Villeroy and BochLiaison Transparent Washbasin by Villeroy and Boch

Even more linear Liasion Villeroy and Boch. Crystal green blue and white ceramic fused together: a slight arch glass coupled to a block of ceramic refined. A detail: the fixing technology is hidden behind and lets you install the fittings on the wall without having to intervene with shipyards to make structural changes in the bathroom.

Colored Glass Washbasins

Awesome Small and Colorfull Washbasin QuadrottoAwesome Small and Colorfull Washbasin Quadrotto

Among the models available on the market of glass washbasins, the interesting use of color. Then spent the washbasin in colored glass is accented by unusual shapes or modularity. For example, if you have limited space bathroom, small and colorful washbasin, the basin of the Lombard offers a variety of shades, ranging from honey yellow to pink fish, blue sky, white opal, until the new teal and white lacquered version. Quadrotto is a very versatile colored crystal basin, which can also be attached directly to the wall using the brackets of metal supported on a totally invisible always combined with other glass or glass washbasins, using its modular system.

Color and modern design for the collection Outline of B Mood

Attractive Green Outline Washbasin B MoodAttractive Green Outline Washbasin B Mood
The crystal basin is accompanied by Corian and accompanied by a system of storage MDF. The whole is characterized by a range of colors, ranging in colors of white, yellow, green, brown, purple, orange for the containment ring, and the play of empty and full, highlighted by the transparency of the crystal, the bottom of the basin.