Selecting Pre Made Frames For Bathroom Mirrors

A bathroom mirror frame offers a style option that can really make a bathroom’s visual appearance “pop”. You’ve probably seen them before in nicer hotels or fancier restaurant rest rooms, those large bathroom mirrors framed with luxurious gilded or stained wood frames. There are many frames for bathroom mirrors. The difficult thing is how to choose the best frame for your bathroom mirrors.

Contemporary Bathrooms With Framed MirrorsContemporary Bathrooms with Framed Mirrors

Tips for Selecting Frames for Bathroom Mirrors

You can achieve the great look for your own bathroom by decorating your bath mirror and there are several ways to do it:

The first way you can frame an existing mirror. If you have one of those large unframed bathroom mirrors you can have it framed by a local frame shop or do it yourself. This means you’ll have to take if off the wall and carefully transport it to the framer or frame it yourself.

The second way you can frame a mirror ‘In-Place’. If you’re handy, you can frame an existing wall mirror by surrounding it with trim molding, the same material that’s used around doors and windows. You’ll have to measure and cut the material and then affix it to the edge of the mirror using construction adhesive.

DIY Framed MirrorDIY Framed Mirror

The third way you can use pre-made mirror frame kits. This is similar to option 3 except the frames are pre-made to the size you need them. They’re offered in a variety of styles and sizes and they’re made to be installed without having to remove the mirror from the wall.

Using these mirror frame kits is arguably one the easiest methods because you don’t have to remove the mirror from the wall and they’re relatively easy and quick to install. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what’s available for framing an existing bathroom mirror.

Pre-Made Frames for Bathroom Mirrors

Putting some flair and finish on an otherwise bland wall mirror is easily done with bathroom mirror frame kits. The kits offer a convenient way to dress up your existing mirror without the need to remove it from the wall, which is a plus since some mirrors can be large and awkward to handle. With a little bit of time to measure, cut and assemble, you can have a new and fresher look for your bathroom.

The framing kits “work” by using adhesives to bond the frame pieces to your existing mirror. Materials and quantity of styles vary among manufacturers but the framing concept is similar. In general, frames are available in wood, metal, MDF and acrylic and in styles ranging from contemporary to traditional. If you’re remodeling your bathroom and plan on installing a new furniture style vanity, you can save money by avoiding the purchase of a coordinating decorative mirror by using one of these kits. Rather than throw out your existing mirror because it’s too bland, wrap a rich wood frame around it. With the styles of wood frames that are available with these kits, finding a bathroom mirror frame to complement the vanity is easy. There are many options for pre-made frame kits. You can choose which one fits your needs.

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Unique Framed Bathroom MirrorUnique Framed Bathroom Mirror

The first option of pre-made frame kits is MirrorMate® Frames. One innovative bathroom mirror frame product is MirrorMate®. It was developed by resourceful entrepreneur Lisa Huntting after recognizing that her large master bathroom wall mirrors were just too bare. But rather than invest the time and money to remove the mirror and get it professionally framed, she developed a way to easily install decorative frames on existing bathroom mirrors. MirrorMate bathroom mirror frames attach to your mirror with a strong 3M-brand adhesive tape. The process starts by measuring your existing mirror and choosing the right frame from among multiple styles and colors. You can browse the selections by style or by price point.

The frame pieces are assembled using glue and corner connectors. The completed frame is then trial-fit against the mirror using temporary “jigs” called placement corners. These temporary tools are tacked to the mirror under the frame’s upper inside corners. When the frame is properly positioned, the placement corner tools are put in place to mark the right location. All that’s left is to remove the frame, apply the adhesive strips, reinstall the frame on the mirror and remove the placement corner jigs. The vast majority of frames are actually made from MDF (medium density fiberboard) which is a material made from compressed wood fibers. The frame is covered in a very thin veneer material that mimics the look of wood or other materials. The positive aspect of MDF is that it allows for intricate surface details that simulate carved wood. The down-side of MDF is that it doesn’t like moisture and if the substrate is exposed to wetness it has a tendency to “fuzz”. If the material is protected that shouldn’t happen but if the surface protection (the paint, veneer covering, etc.) is chipped or nicked, the underlying material is exposed. MirrorMate bathroom mirror trim can be ordered directly from the MirrorMate website as well as through various stores and designers that carry the products. The MirrorMate website contains a list of retail locations (

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Another bathroom mirror frame kit is the Mirrorscapes™ framing kit made by Creative Specialties, a division of Moen. These mirror frames are available in 5 series, each with their own style and colors. Mirrorscapes differs from MirrorMate in that the frames have square corner pieces instead of mitered corners. To build and install a mirror frame with Mirrorscapes you’ll need to buy straight sections that will cover the length and height of your mirror plus four corner pieces. Mirrorscapes bathroom mirror frames are mounted to your mirror with a strong adhesive. You place them on the mirror using mounting brackets and templates that help you correctly position the pieces. There are mounting brackets for the 4 corners and the straight sides. All you need to do is position the templates and then the mounting brackets, cut the straight pieces to size and mount them in place. After that it’s just a matter of snapping the corner frame pieces in place to finish the frame.

Frames are made from wood with a variety of finishes and styles. Some of the frames can be painted to match your own decor. The frames are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. You can see more of these frames at the Moen Mirrorscapes website ( They can be bought online at the website as well as at other online merchants (just search for “moen mirrorscapes”). They’re also sold at some of the big-box home centers if you prefer to shop and see the product before you buy. Just visit the Moen Mirrorscapes website and click on their “where to buy” locator function to help find retail locations.

The Mirr.Edge™ framing system is another frame-in-place framing kit that offers an easy way to dress up an existing bathroom mirror (or any un-framed mirror for that matter). Mirr.Edge frames take a different approach to the mirror frame configuration. Instead of mitered corners, Mirr.Edge frames incorporate a decorative corner piece which covers the joint where the horizontal and vertical frame pieces come together. Frames are a polymer or acrylic material with either a wood grain-look or smooth finish. The number of styles is not as plentiful as some of the other bathroom mirror frame kits.

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Frames are assembled by first measuring the length of framing material needed. The pieces are “cut” to size by scoring and snapping and then fastened to the mirror using adhesive. Some minor trimming might be necessary on the framing strips to ensure they fit over the clips that are typically used to fasten the mirror to the wall. The Mirr.Edge framing system is available from several different sources including the online stores of The Home Depot and Bed, Bath and Beyond among others. The Mirr.Edge website ( has a “how to purchase” link with follow-on links to these online retailers. Some South Florida Home Depot stores also carry Mirr.Edge frames.

Modern Bathroom Mirror

Modern Bathroom Mirror

The other option for pre-made frame kits is Reflected Design Custom Mirror Frames. Reflected Design ( offers a wide range of frame kits for bathroom mirrors or other mirrors you might want framed. Like the other mirror frame kits on the market Reflected Design’s products are meant to be installed with the mirror already in position on the wall. With over 100 different styles of frames virtually any conceivable decorating style is covered. The frames are priced per linear foot and the inventory includes frame kits at several different price levels. Framing materials include wood, MDF and polycore (a synthetic material also used to make trim and moldings).

Reflected Design mirror frame kits are assembled on a flat surface and then applied to the mirror using adhesive strips pre-applied to the back of the frame. The corners of the frames are held together with screws that are supplied with the kit and assembled into the back surface of the frame. Reflected Design frames are shipped across the U.S. but if you live in Northern Utah, you’re eligible for a free in-home consultation as well as a free measurement and installation should you decided to purchase.

There are many ways to beautify your bathroom mirrors, but the easiest way is using pre-made frame kits. Pre-made frames for bathroom mirrors are available in many options, you can choose which one fits your needs.