Bathroom Stall Hardware

When it comes to a bathroom, the bathroom stall hardware can be as important as the bathroom design itself. They can be found in all sorts of styles, designs and color choices.

Bathroom stalls can come in all sorts of styles and sizes such as small ones which many of people hate, because you go into a bathroom and find yourselves squeezing into a small area, or turning sideways to get in the door and sit down or the worse yet after you have been shopping you can’t manage to get yourselves and your packages into the stall to sit down and urinate.

Bathroom Stalls

Bathroom Stalls

Stall hardware can be the main accessory to your bathroom if you want it to be. There are fancy glass knobs, plain silver handles, wooden knobs that you can paint, stencil or decorate down to colorful screws and brackets that you can use to decorate your bathroom stalls. Bathroom stalls don’t have to be plain and boring, it is better to spruce them up and make your bathroom fancy, cool or decorative all at the same time.

Stall hardware is the main staple item when it comes to installing bathroom hardware, not only will the stalls not stay up without it but they won’t function properly either. Bathroom stall hardware is like the apple to your applesauce when it comes to your bathroom, without it, it just don’t work.

When it comes to have your own bathroom why not experience all that your bathroom can offer rather it is in your own home, restaurant, business or anywhere else you can make your bathroom stalls stand out among the rest with stall hardware that gives your bathroom stall its own personality.

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Hardware for Bathroom StallHardware for Bathroom Stall

All of their styles are available in: powder coated baked enamel steel, stainless steel, textured stainless steel, plastic laminate, phenolic solid core plastic and polyethylene (HDPE) solid plastic. While some of the toilet partition hardware works for two or more materials, there is other material-specific hardware.

For example, powder coated baked enamel steel, stainless steel, polyethylene and plastic laminate partitions all utilize the same basic hardware. Each of them come complete with high polished, chrome plated Zamac brackets and Zamac door hardware. If you would prefer to use high polished chrome plated brass or satin finish cast stainless steel, these options are available. Phenolic core material utilizes surface mounted stainless steel hardware. Optional continuous stainless steel hinges, continuous stainless steel or aluminum brackets are also available.

Innovative Bathroom StallInnovative Bathroom Stall

Bathroom stall hardware can be tiny items but they have decorative elements that can beautify your stall and bathroom.