Bathroom With Wood : Aesthetics Eco Friendly Bathroom Design

Interesting and beautiful the new Duo line, Neutra. A collection that draws inspiration from the primordial origins and elevates the concept of a bathroom, as a central room of the house and no longer service. Designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, the line uses just one type of prehistoric wood: the Kauri wood. This wood is a fossil varieties, extracted from the muddy swamps of New Zealand, dated at least 50. 000 years ago and considered this one of the most rare and valuable species, including its characteristic lack of grain.

Aesthetics Wood Bathtub  Duo line NeutraAesthetics Wood Bathtub  Duo line Neutra

Wood Element Washbasin by Duo line NeutraWood Element Washbasin by Duo line Neutra

The Duo Collection is composed of two washbasins, a monolith, a shower and a bath. And ‘characterized by the use of the Millennium Kauri for the support bases of semi recessed basins and the bearing surface of the tank, made of Carrara marble. The same solutions are also proposed in solid Cedar, Walnut and Oak.

The stone has inherent characteristics that recall the past: carefully excavated to reach the desired shapes and sizes, it becomes one piece, how handcrafts of yesteryear.

Functional Bathroom With Wood

Matteo Thun always apply other experiments with wood, Onto the series for Duravit. Here the basic concept is the idea of ??tipping Console. No more ceramics on the console, but console on ceramics. Aesthetically innovative, it is also very functional, since it greatly reduces the time and installation costs.

Onto the series for Duravit Matteo ThunOnto the series for Duravit Matteo Thun

Duravit Onto Bathtub Design Matteo ThunDuravit Onto Bathtub Design Matteo Thun

Wood Element Washbasin Onto The SeriesWood Element Washbasin Onto The Series

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The wash basins, available both square and round, act as a support for the console, characterized by a fold that before arrotondandosi down, goes to create an arc which is of the ceramic.

The wood in question is of multilayer type, characterized by a sandwich structure that remains visible on the edges and aesthetically and technically, with its multiple layers glued, and the emulsion of wax and oil which are impregnated with the edges, prevents’ absorption of water or the possible deformation, given by staying in a wet environment.
Available in 16 different models of furniture, depending on use in a public or private, also different wood finishes, ranging from European oak to chestnut brown.

For those who are struggling with small spaces and environments, this new concept will be useful block. Hidden in a wooden bench in fact, G-Full Hatria, here is a bidet and a vase. A top in strips of wood, which may become a support system more easy to open thanks to the movement friction. For dimensions there are no problems with G-Full in fact, the typical dimensions are reduced to a few feet: the depth is 50 cm, while the length becomes 140 cm.

Wood ecological and chic

Villeroy & Boch offers a new collection of nature. Nature used for the refinements, able to respect the environment and make a good save water. And nature also for coatings and materials used. But first things first. The medical line of My Nature, available in both floor and suspended Aquareduct have a new system, which can be saved to any discharge of water, even 1.5 liters, or a consumption of 4.5 liters, compared the classic 6 liters per flush.

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My Nature bathroom collection by Villeroy & BochMy Nature bathroom collection by Villeroy & Boch

In addition, the finishes and customizations are full of wooden furniture can be fixed using magnets removable modules with drawers and floor, toilet and even the tablet, made of chestnut wood.

Goes back a couple of years ago, but it’s always worth quoting, the tank Boxart made of teak wood. A fine wood, elegant and one of the most durable in the world, which, for the location and characteristics, with the passage of time, buy a nice golden color, almost brown, because of ‘oxidation of the surface.

Furthermore, lymph oily inside, it is essential for the protection of health by mold and fungal attack, as well as to make the structure also extremely resistant to water. The exterior treatment of the tank is made with only natural vegetable oils and perfect waterproofing is guaranteed only by the high quality of wood used.

Ofuro Wood Bathtub by Matteo Thun and Antonio RodriguezOfuro Wood Bathtub by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez

Made to measure, reminiscent of the Ofuro, the type of the Japanese hot bath is used to make tubs and tubs Hinoki wood, which is the Japanese cypress. Just all’Ofuro has inspired a short time ago, even Matteo Thun, to create for Rapsel, the tub of the same name.