Bathroom Curtains For Small Windows

If you are hunting for the best bathroom curtains for small windows, then you really should be looking for curtains that are made from polyester or cotton. These are excellent fabrics as they can easily be washed and dried in clothes dryer. Next, it is important to select the right style for your small windows bathroom curtains. Depending on the location of the small window in the bathroom, you will want to use different styles.

Curtain for Small Window

Curtain for Small Window

Requirements for Getting the Appropriate Bathroom Curtains for Small Windows

Before choosing the curtains, you should consider the location of the small windows. Depending on whether the small window is above a toilet or even beside it or in some other location you will need to pick a style that complements the location of the window. In case the window is situated away from your toilet then you can use just about any style and you can also choose to use curtains that fall to the floor.

In case the window is located next to the toilet then you need curtains that are shorter and if children use the toilet then you need to ensure that the small windows bathroom curtains are on the shorter side.

Simple Small Bathroom Window Curtain

Simple Small Bathroom Window Curtain

Do not forget to measure the small window. If you wish to pick the right sized small windows bathroom curtains then you need to measure the small window and then ensure that the curtain covers the entire window including above it and on the sides as well as below the window. It pays to measure for one or two inches above your small window’s frame and in addition allow for two inches for each side as well as for below the sill of your window.

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It is also important to check that your small windows bathroom curtains allow sufficient light to enter the bathroom, especially when you draw the curtains open. It is important that the bathroom gets sufficient amount of natural light, especially when you want to use the bathroom during the daytime.

At the same time, the small windows bathroom curtains should also provide maximum privacy. In fact, it is also important to understand that if you choose your small windows bathroom curtains with care then these can help to improve the looks of the bathroom and also provide privacy. The size of the bathroom is an important concern and so when choosing small windows bathroom curtains you have to keep a few things in mind. Small windows generally only allow for low amount of light to enter through them. Therefore, you need to pick curtains that reflect light into your bathroom. Also, look for appropriate color and fabrics as each has an effect on the amount of light that enters the bathroom.

Also, do not purchase or use large curtains on a small window as this will create the wrong look. You should pick the curtains according to how well the suit the proportions of your bathroom. Next, look at the nature of the glass panes on the window. If the panes are frosted or plain you will need to pick different types of small windows bathroom curtains. Finally, think about buying some add-ons as these can enhance the look and feel of your bathroom.

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Decorate Your Bathroom Curtains for Small Windows

The basics that you need to know about decorating small windows, they will appear taller and wider if you place the hardware for curtains or blinds outside the window frame. It will look more beautiful if you cover the glass with tinted window film. This will provide privacy while allowing light to enter the bathroom. If you still want to use curtains, you’ll be able to leave them open during the day.

Use color to create an illusion of size. Curtains in light or pale colors will make the window look larger. Use a tone that matches the wall color to make the window blend into the wall, rather than a contrasting color, which will emphasize the shape and size of the window.  Choose lightweight materials for curtains and blinds. Rather than weighting the window with heavy drapery fabrics or blinds with wooden slats, use gathered sheer, semi-sheer or very lightweight opaque fabrics for curtains, and roll-up matchstick or bamboo blinds.

Small Bathroom Window Curtains

Small Bathroom Window Curtains

Decorative treatments are other options for small windows bathroom curtains. Explore window treatments other than traditional curtains and blinds. Attach a shelf to the wall at the bottom of the window frame and set a large decorative pot filled with greenery on it. You can also screw a sturdy ceiling hook into the inside top of the window frame and hang a basket of real or artificial flowers from it. If you decorate seasonally, replace the flowers with seasonal and holiday decorations.

Turn the window glass into faux stained glass. Choose a picture with fairly simple lines. Purchase an adhesive-backed leading product to outline the elements of the picture, and stained-glass color sheets to fill in the design. Apply the faux stained-glass materials to the window as directed by the manufacturer.

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With your own creativity,  you can pick your bathroom curtains for small windows based on your needs and combine them with your own decoration to get a beautiful look of your  bathroom.