Complete Information About Narrow Depth Bathroom Vanity

Narrow depth bathroom vanity has been so popular these days because it looks beautiful when it is put in our bathroom. There are primarily two different narrow depth vanity styles:

• Antique – The antique style is usually made out of wood and is inspired by bathroom fixtures of the past. Ranging from very ornate to fairly simple, their classical structure lends distinction to most bathrooms. Antique style vanities can be very expensive depending on the materials required to build the vanity and the level of craftsmanship. However, it is possible to find less expensive vanities in the antique style that have been made with durable, but less expensive materials.

Narrow Depth Vanity

Narrow Depth Vanity

• Contemporary – Contemporary vanities come in a wider range of sizes than antique vanities, from wall-mounted single basins to expansive double basin vanities. The materials used to make a contemporary vanity can be quite diverse, including wood, metal, glass, and plastic. Due to this variety, the mood a contemporary vanity gives a room can be anything from fun to elegant. If you know you aren’t interested in an antique vanity, start looking at different contemporary vanity materials to narrow your choices down.

Material for Narrow Depth Bathroom Vanity

Narrow depth vanity is usually made from:

• Wood – The most common material for bathroom vanities, wood can be expensive or reasonable, elegant or kitschy, modern or classic.

• Glass – Typically very contemporary in design, glass vanities can add a polished, sophisticated look any bathroom. Glass vanities are usually combined with other materials and can be striking wall-mounted basins or have ample storage underneath.

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• Marble, ceramic, copper, and other less traditional materials – Technically, any material that can hold water can be used to create a one of a kind vanity. Most of these vanities look very contemporary, but some are rustic or Greco-Roman.

American Classics   24 In. White Combo

American Classics   24 In. White Combo

Sizes for Narrow Depth Bathroom Vanity

• Single Basin – Most vanities are single basin. The plumbing hook up is very simple and these vanities can usually be installed directly in the area occupied by your current vanity.

• Double Basin – These vanities have two sinks and are usually found in master bedrooms. They give couples or siblings the convenience of separate sinks, but they do take up a good deal of space.

• Multiple Basins – Typically for commercial use, these vanities have more than two sinks. If you have a very large family and lots and lots of space, you can custom order vanities with multiple basins.

Emprie K22C VanityEmprie K22C Vanity

Products of Narrow Depth Bathroom Vanity

The first choice is AMERICAN CLASSICS 24 Inch White Combo. It will update your current bathroom quickly and easily. This is a white finish vanity cabinet and cultured marble vanity top combination. Designed to fit in narrow bathrooms and powder rooms, the vanity cabinet’s 18 inch depth makes the most of storage in small spaces. Cabinet hardware is included.

Empire Industries K22C Kensington 22″ Narrow Depth Vanity in Cinnamon is the next vanity option. It has some features such as: two doors, one bottom drawer, vanity top required but it is sold separately. The dimensions of the vanity are 20-1/2″ x 12″ x 34″.

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PE30 Empire Series Petitte Empress is the next choice for you. The item weight is 36.00. The dimensions of the product are 28 in width, 13 in height and 33 3/4 in length. The installation type of this product is floor mount. It has some features, such as one basin, one drawer, and two doors. This is an antique vanity which has curved legs and recessed panels offer simple sophistication. Solid wood construction with veneers painted in several elegant colors. The vanity will fit with any Capri or Savoy ceramic sink in any available color and faucet drill layout. It provides one year limited warranty from date of purchase / delivery to original purchaser.

Almost every narrow depth bathroom vanity varies in length, width, and depth. Be sure to measure your bathroom to ensure that your vanity will fit comfortably with your other fixtures. As you start to narrow down your choices, you’ll realize that your drab bathroom will be a distant memory sooner than you thought.