Bathroom Paint Ideas For Small Bathroom

Having a small bathroom forces us to think twice many aspects, including the bathroom paint ideas for small bathroom. Cool and receding colors are frequently recommended for small bathrooms, but some cool colors turn gloomy in rooms without enough natural light. Some warm colors simulate sunlight, but warm colors are known to advance and make a room feel smaller. In a small bathroom with little light, the conflicting color needs make it hard to decide. The secret is choosing a cool color that doesn’t get too dark or a warm color that won’t take over, and always choosing paint with a little sheen.

Pastel Bathroom ColorPastel bathroom color

The Best Color as Bathroom Paint Ideas for Small Bathroom

The first best color for small bathroom is white. If pure or bright white feels too stark for your taste, choose white with a pink, peach or yellow undertone. The effect is subtle, but that bit of tint keeps the room from looking cold.

Pearl gray is the second choice of the best color for small bathroom. Cool colors often go drably gray in the absence of adequate light, but pale, pearly gray with a slight shimmery undertone glistens instead of looking glum. That hint of shimmer fools the eye into imagining shifting sunlight. The overall look is cool and elegant, which the mind associates with spaciousness.

White And Black BathroomWhite And Black Bathroom

The next best color for small bathroom is pale pink. As long as the color isn’t too powdery, pale pink paint combines the best of cool and warm color effects. It’s serene and appears to recede, but its rosiness warms the room. Choose your pale pink carefully. Pink with just a hint of yellow whispers sunlight, but pink tinted with blue tends to go cold. Pink also flatters most complexions. For instance, lighting designers and photographers sometimes use pink bulbs to minimize wrinkles and make people look younger.

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Yellow is the other best color for small bathroom. Yellow is the color of sunshine. From buttercream to pale, Venetian gold, yellow always warms up a room that doesn’t have enough natural light. When you’re using yellow in a tiny space, however, you can’t go too bright or you’ll make the room look smaller. Choose only the lightest shades for the best effect, and mix them with crisp, white trim.

White Color For Small BathroomWhite color for small bathroom

If you love aqua, you also can use it perfectly for your small bathroom. Though a cool color, aqua walls make a room glow. With its perfect mix of blue and green, aqua offers the expansive feel of a tropical sea. Use pale aqua to make the bathroom look its largest. Mix aqua with gold to warm up the space. You can use a gilded antique mirror or warm, golden light bulbs or both.

The Tips of Bathroom Paint Ideas for Small Bathroom

After you getting to know the best colors for small bathroom, below are some tips to paint your small bathroom. The first tip is related with the color choice. Choose a light-colored paint. Light and pale colors make your bathroom look larger. Neutrals, naturals, pastels and whites will do the trick. If this is too boring for you, you can always liven it up with bold-colored accents like red towels or navy blue toothbrush and soap holders.

Green Small BathroomGreen Small Bathroom

The second tip is by choosing a bold color. If your walls are tiled halfway with white tiles, or even the classic black-and-white tiles, a bold color might be a good choice. You might not like the tiled walls, but once you contrast them with a bold color like Chinese red, you will be amazed at how much of a transformation you can effect to your little bath with just a coat or two of paint. Paint a mural on one wall is the next tip you can try to do. This will add interest to an otherwise boring bath. Let the mural be the focus, and the limited size of the room may be easier to overlook.

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The next tip is by painting your bathroom wall with vertical stripes. If you can draw the eye toward the ceiling, the bathroom will seem taller, and thus larger. You can use crown molding as well, which will help draw the eye upward. Paint opposite walls different shades of the same color is the other tip to paint your small bathroom. If you paint the smaller walls just a tad lighter, it will make a rectangular room seem larger.

Blue Small BathroomBlue Small Bathroom

The next tip for your small bathroom is by painting a faux finish. With a little texture comes a little depth. A simple faux finish can be created with just a sponge. First paint your bathroom your desired color. Then find a lighter or darker shade of the same color and put that shade in a paint tray. Lightly dip one long side of a large natural sponge into the paint and pat it all over your wall. Repeat this step until your entire walls are covered.

The last tip you can do for your small bathroom is by adding a stencil border. In general, stencil borders are better than wallpaper borders, because if you redecorate later, a painted border can be painted over with far less effort than it requires taking down wallpaper, which is a tedious task. Also, stencil borders won’t peel from the moisture that is common in bathrooms. To make the room look taller, paint the border at the top of your wall, below the ceiling.

After you consider the best colors and the tips for small bathroom, hopefully you can get the best bathroom paint ideas for small bathroom which suits your needs and wills.

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