Best Light Fixtures For Bathrooms 2012

Light Fixtures for Bathrooms  – The bathroom now has increasingly assumed a connotation of being and relaxation, in addition to the primary functions that are with us every day. We find shapes, colors, plumbing, fittings and ceramics, now of all types. We throw ourselves on harmonic compositions, go for contrast and also dredge up past forms. But the decoration comes up to a certain point.

Modern Bathroom Lighting FixturesModern Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

The Importance of Lighting Fixtures for Bathroom

The lighting in your bathroom is actually one of the key points for the welfare and proper use of space. A well-lit bathroom, regardless of the make and model of health and the furniture is already a lot. And the lighting bodies, rather than the direction of the light beams, much affect the well-being.

White Wall Bathroom Lighting FixturesWhite Wall Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Large Bathroom With Art Deco Lighting Fixture And MirrorLarge Bathroom With Art Deco Lighting Fixture And Mirror

In addition to respecting the law, a bathroom must have adequate light, also high, with a good yield, if not excellent color. Not only as regards the objects, but also and above all of the person. In the first case, near objects stand out better if you use a cold light, the fluorescent type, about 4000-4500 Kelvin.

The mirror lighting is also important. Generally it is required a beam of light at about 500 lux, both in the frontal area that surrounding. So also in double-furniture, door side mirror.

Art Deco Mirror Lighting For BathroomArt Deco Mirror Lighting For Bathroom

While the area behind the general lighting can be around 200 lux. Remembering that, while in the remaining rooms of the lamps can be shielded with lampshades or even the front elements of different color, if the bathroom is best achieved only with neutral colors or very subtle, so do not automatically make changes to light and consequently to objects and embodied.

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It ‘s annoying because when you are in the morning in the mirror with more dark circles are caused by unhealthy shadows produced by poor lighting fixtures for bathrooms . Especially for example in the case of makeup and wigs, this means that often be altered significantly the perception of colors on the skin.

Green Wall Bathroom Lighting FixturesGreen Wall Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Finally, the CEI 64-8 also regulates the installation of electrical equipment for a certain type depending on the area of  the bathroom where you are, more or less close to the water spouts. So in respect of the latter, my advice is do not skimp on lighting in this room, but to abound without parsimony. You will not regret with your light fixtures for bathrooms.