Deep Bathtubs For Small Bathrooms

Having a small bathroom is a common problem for many home owners. Due to the lack of space, many feel that they must give up their hopes for a luxurious soak in a nice warm bath because a large tub just won’t fit. But, who says you need a big tub for a great soak? Owning a small bathtub does not mean you won’t get to enjoy all the benefits of a big tub, it just means it will take up less space. Large selections of deep bathtubs for small bathrooms have been designed to fit into small bathrooms. These tubs will provide a lovely bathing experience and compromising nothing. When it comes to tubs, size really doesn’t matter.

Circular Deep tub

Circular Deep tub

Many of the small bathtubs you see today have stemmed from the designs of Japanese bath tubs. Japanese tubs are much smaller than the standard tubs you are used to, taking up less space while being deeper. This allows the user to sit while soaking. Although you are not used to this form of bathing, it is a comfortable way to kick back, relax, and enjoy a nice steaming bath.

The new age of small bathtubs has taken a new approach, instead of being long and wide- tubs are now becoming shorter and deeper. This has been made possible by the use of fiberglass and similar materials that are easily molded into almost any shape. For example, the new addition of seats in tubs is easily done by making a mold and creating a tub from it.

Open Shower Deep Soaking TubOpen Shower Deep Soaking Tub

Depth has created many issues in the past. Many people assume that a deep tub must be sunken into the floor when in actuality, it does not. The use of modern technology has helped to do away with the old process, making it much easier to create deep tubs that do not have to be sunken. Due to the wide variety of materials that can now be used, many tubs are placed on a pedestal. This means that the tubs are raised above the floor then sunken. This gives the tub the depth that it needs to make it a nice small bathtub for soaking while not taking up the width of a standard sized tub.

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Types of Deep Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms

There are many different types of small tubs to choose from that have different qualities and looks. The first type is corner tubs. Corner tubs fit neatly and tightly into a designated corner, saving you space while also occupying an area that may have been difficult to fill. These tubs are great for soaking while also being deep and small.Marble deep soaking tub

Marble deep soaking tub

The second type is walk in tubs. Primarily used by the elderly and/or injured, walk in tubs have created a name for themselves. Also known as safety tubs, the easy to access tub is beneficial and useful for people who have different needs. Owning a small bathtub won’t cramp your style. You can enjoy great baths as well as showers while saving space with the installation of a smaller unit.

Products of Deep Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms

The Standard Collection acrylic bathtub by American Standard seems like a great buy. At 5ft x 32 in. x 20 in. it fits in a small bathroom nicely, plus it is very affordable ($429 at the Home Depot). It has thoughtful details like a backrest and lumbar support, too. On the down side, it’s only 14 in. deep to overflow, so it’s not the best choice if you plan to do a lot of soaking.

Modern Jacuzzi Deep tub

Modern Jacuzzi Deep tub

Kohler’s Devonshire is another excellent choice. If you can squeeze in a 32 in. wide tub, you get a great tub for the price. It’s only $399 at Home Depot and measures 5 ft. x 32 in. x 20 in. Unfortunately, this is yet another lovely tub with a disappointing depth: only 14 in. to overflow.

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The Evolution acrylic tub by American Standard is a beauty. It is 5 ft. x 32 in. x 21.5 in. deep, with an impressive 17.5 in. to overflow. It has a nice head and backrest area, plus molded armrests for comfortable soaking. For me, the depth is the best part, but note you do need to order a special drain to accommodate this tub – the Deep Soak Max drain from American Standard.

Kohler’s equivalent to the Evolution is the Archer bathtub. It is 5 ft. x 32 in. x 19 in. Purchase the special Comfort Depth slotted overflow and you’ll get to enjoy a luxuriously deep bathing well. This tub also has armrests and lumbar support. It’s priced at $480, including integral apron.

Japanese deep bath tub

Japanese deep bath tub

If your room is extremely narrow, the Colony by American Standard is a nice choice. It’s five feet long, but only 30 in. wide. This acrylic tub is 19.25 in. deep; however the depth to overflow is a disappointing 11.5 in.

American Standard’s Cambridge is also made from Americast. This one has lumbar support and head rest areas and measures 5 ft. x 32 in. x 17 ¾ in. It’s certainly more affordable than cast iron, priced by Home Depot at $537.60 recently. It is a respectable 14 in. depth to overflow.

If your bathroom is truly teensy, consider the Huron by American Standard. It’s 4 ft. x 27 in. x 15 ½ in. This tub is porcelain on steel, which is extra sturdy, yet also affordable. This one is only $337.28 at

Deep Bath in Green

Deep Bath in Green

A good in-betweener is American Standard’s Mackenzie, also porcelain on steel. At 4 ½ ft. x 30 in. x 15 ¼ it’s not the deepest tub out there, but it’s a good compromise in terms of length if fitting a bathtub into your bathroom is a challenge. Also very affordable, it’s only $358.36 at

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Deep bathtubs for small bathrooms are good way to feel soaking bath in your homes.