Bathroom Remodel Before And After

Bathroom remodel has been a challenging project for some people. Nowadays, many people choose to do their remodeling project by themselves without assistance of any designer. That’s why many people need more ideas for designing their bathroom to refresh their minds and getting the best remodeling project. The ideas that they need are not only some pictures, but also some steps and tips of how to remodel a bathroom well, quickly and inexpensively. Below are some pictures of bathroom remodel before and after that enable you to get some ideas for remodeling your bathroom

Ideas of Bathroom Remodel Before and After

Before and After Bath Remodel Picture 1Before and After Bath Remodel Picture 1

In this picture you can see an outdated and messy bathroom; perhaps you also have this kind of bathroom at your home. A white cabinet and vanity with some toiletries on it is so messy to see. Moreover, the existing mirror is too simple and it does not help to make the bathroom look fresh and bigger.  You also can see too much clothes hang behind the door. It enhances that it’s really a messy bathroom. Your guest, and perhaps you and your family, will also not feel comfortable to have your bathing experience inside this kind of bathroom. After remodeling project, you can see a fresh bathroom with green painted wall. A good painting option. You will not see any more the clothes behind the door. The homeowner also changes the mirror. It is still small and simple, but it looks strong to reveal the power of the bathroom. New bathroom flooring also make this bathroom looks new and fresher.

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Before and After Bathroom Remodel Picture 2Before and After Bathroom Remodel Picture 2

Remodeling a master bathroom is quite expensive because it is wide and has much furniture. But this homeowner has successfully done the remodeling project of their master bathroom. Before the remodeling project, you can see an outdated green bathroom. It looks so old school bathroom because of the too old curtain. Moreover, the bathroom window is too large so that make person who is in the bathroom feels uncomforted to have bathing experience inside.  The vanity, cabinet, and floor option also enhance how old this bathroom is. By renewing the paint color into brown, this master bathroom looks elegant and strong. You will not see any more the old school curtain, because it changes into a bath tub with a glass door. A wooden vanity and double mirror also give a new strength of this bathroom. Although the window is getting smaller, the bathroom does not lose its brightness because the new light fixtures installed nicely. Some towel rings and towel mats also beautify the master bathroom.

Before and After Bathroom Remodel Picture 3Before and After Bathroom Remodel Picture 3

If you are looking for a quick remodeling project, perhaps the pictures below can help you to get the ideas. There is not much change of the bathroom, except the vanity cabinet and bathroom flooring. The changing in wall color also refreshes the bathroom. Moreover, don’t forget to change your frameless mirror with framed mirror. It will look stronger. A glass door also helps to change the bathroom look simpler and bigger.

Before and After Bathroom Remodel Picture 4Before and After Bathroom Remodel Picture 4

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Do you have this kind of outdated bathroom with orange taste? This bathroom looks so old because of the choosing of vanity and old bathtub. However, after the remodeling it looks so elegant because of the wall color and new flooring. The new light fixture also helps the bathroom look fresher. The complete action of wooden vanity cabinet, white framed mirror between small windows and permanent bathroom bench has successfully made the bathroom looks expensive and comfortable. An enclosure with glass door also helps this bathroom bigger and more comfortable.

Before and After Bathroom Remodel Picture 5Before and After Bathroom Remodel Picture 5

Do you love a white bathroom? It perhaps looks outdated, but this picture of after remodeling project will deny the assumption. Before the remodeling project, the grey bathroom look outdated because of its flooring. Moreover, the old shower curtain also enhances the outdated look of the bathroom. After some quick remodeling project, you will see the grey bathroom has been brighter than before. The big changing is on the flooring. The homeowner changes it into total white flooring and it makes the bathroom look bigger. You will not see any more the outdated curtain because it has been changed into a glass shower enclosure. The vanity cabinet looks new because the homeowners put some new handles on it.  The new light fixture, double small mirrors, and perfect bath mat have successfully changed the bathroom into a bright and elegant bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling project can be so complicated, but with the ideas from some pictures of bathroom remodel before and after above hopefully you can get some brand new and fresh ideas. Happy remodeling your bathroom.

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