Bathroom Wallpaper Patterns

The bathroom wallpaper patterns can be found in various colors and it is an affordable alternative to update your space. When you are going to select wallpaper, you should consider about the existing design and style of your room. Bathroom can attract the moisture and the humidity, so it is very important to find wallpaper which will withstand these conditions. With many designs and patterns available to choose from, you should pick up some samples in order to help you arrive on your final decision.

Impressing Interior Design with Stylish WallpaperImpressing Interior Design with Stylish Wallpaper

It is found that bathroom wallpaper comes in various colors and designs. For those who have small bathroom, it is suggested to try wallpapering one wall while keeping the remaining walls neutral. You can find that the easiest wallpaper that you can install is the self-adhesive kind. It is practically mess-free and it only requires water. You need to simply moisten the back part of the wallpaper with water, apply it to the wall, and then let it dry. You should remember to allow enough time before you are installing any accessories to your bathroom such as pictures or mirrors.

Basically, bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in a house but this is a room where you can make experiment with bold colors like orange and red. You can try wallpapering the largest wall in the bathroom with your favorite design or pattern. The geometric stripes and shapes will enhance the design of your bathroom. If there is a separate room in your toilet, you can consider wallpapering this room only.

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Green and Blue Bathroom Wallpaper PatternGreen and Blue Bathroom Wallpaper Pattern

For the neutral bathroom, you can use the light-colored wallpaper like beige or cream. These colors can work well to open up the space. Also, they can coordinate with most of bathroom fixtures and accessories. Another option that you can take into account is the faux-style wallpaper. This wallpaper comes in large range of colors and it is very forgiving so you so not have to be perfect when it comes to matching up the seams.

Types of Bathroom Wallpaper Patterns

Plain – For the novice home decorator, the easiest wallpaper to use features only a random pattern visible if you look hard enough. If you sticking paper to the walls without bubbles sum up your wallpapering talent, choose this option. Step up your style a notch with embossed plain paper, its only pattern derived from the textures you choose. This style works well for the less handy who may have made a few lumpy mistakes on their walls that need covering up, such as poor workmanship with nails, screws and filler.

Lines – When your skills improve, consider a straight across pattern. Look for stripes in any series of colors and widths. This is only challenging if you cannot figure out parallel lines. When lining up more intricate designs poses only a pleasing challenge, move on to a drop match pattern. Drop match provides the greatest difficulty in this area of home improvement. These include flowers and paisley prints.

Bathroom Wallpaper Green Ocean PatternBathroom Wallpaper Pattern

Textures – Textured wallpaper offers its own patterns or augments the theme painted on it. For example, flocked wallpaper, one of the oldest styles around, comes from a felt-like fiber that looks like velvet, giving shine and liveliness to images and designs. Fibers possess a grain of their own, most apparent with a coarse texture such as grass and burlap. This variety takes its inspiration from a current focus on sustainable materials.

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Think about where you want to hang your wallpaper before deciding which texture or pattern to go with. Some varieties, such as grass, burlap and flocked, do better in low-traffic areas with low humidity, like dining rooms or little-used hallways. They make a poor choice in kitchens or commercial areas. Others form a hardier backdrop, wearing down slowly, such as vinyl or fabric wallpaper with a vinyl front.

Always measure your bathroom before you begin your project. Knowing the exact dimensions will ensure you have enough wallpaper and will help you plan your design. Using a level for accuracy helps with matching up patterns within the wallpaper. Also, make sure you allow the wallpaper to dry at least 24 hours before use. When wallpapering a ceiling, make sure you have 1 to 2 inches of extra wallpaper on all sides to trim once it’s dry. Now, you can enjoy to choose and apply your own bathroom wallpaper patterns.