Craftsman Style Bathroom

The Craftsman style bathroom emphasized simplicity in design for exteriors and interiors. Historical Craftsman bathrooms cast aside the intricate designs often seen in Victorian-era homes and bathrooms. Craftsman bathroom moldings, for example, were straightforward and simple yet very sturdy. Originally, Craftsman bathrooms were designed to impart an aura of cleanliness and sanitation through their heavy use of chrome and white enamel. Later-era Craftsman homes, though, featured more colorful and intricate designs on ceramic floor and wall tiles.

Craftsman Bathroom IdeaCraftsman Bathroom Idea

The Requirements of Craftsman Style Bathroom

Fixtures – American Craftsman homes eventually began to emphasize heavy, bright chrome on faucets. Chrome was somewhat new and a bit expensive in the early 1900s. Use of chrome for Craftsman bathroom fixtures negated the need to polish them, though polished brass was used as well. Craftsman bathrooms also featured white enamel for sinks, tubs and toilets. Later Craftsman homes often featured pastel porcelain fixtures in turquoise, peach and lemon.

Floors – Craftsman homes’ bathroom floors almost always featured ceramic tile produced by local manufacturers. The ceramic floor tiles’ finishes were very glossy and were intended to help cut down on floor cleaning and polishing. Wooden floor Craftsman bathrooms are very rare because wood finishes of the era were ineffective against water.

Bathroom With Craftsman IdeaBathroom With Craftsman Idea

Walls – Tile was used heavily on Craftsman homes’ bathroom walls, though attractive painted bead board wainscot paneling was used in higher-end Craftsman homes. Wainscot was placed on the lower 3 to 5 feet of the walls. If wainscot or tile wasn’t used on Craftsman bathroom walls, then the upper halves of the walls were painted a different color from the lower halves. Glued-on or nailed-on molding separate the two differently colored sections of the walls.

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Lighting – A Craftsman bathroom would have been lit by sconces flanking the a mirror or a built-in medicine cabinet or from a fixture installed above it. Look for rectangular light fixtures with glass shades and nickel, brass or chrome frames or more graceful designs with round globes. Include windows in your bathroom design. Natural light was an important part of the Craftsman philosophy, and bungalow bathrooms often featured at least one window. Choose windows with clear or stained leaded glass.

Craftsman Bathroom DesignCraftsman Bathroom Design

The Steps of Decorating a Craftsman Style Bathroom

To start your project, you need prepare some tools as follows: paint, chrome or brass fixtures, subway tile, wainscot, baseboard, pedestal sink and claw-foot bathtub. If all the tools are ready, you can begin your project,

The first step you must do, select one color that is muted rather than bright. The color green would be olive and the color red would be toned down to a dull terra cotta. The color blue would tend to have a hint of gray; however, blue was seldom used in a craftsman home.

After you finish choosing the color, choose chrome or polished brass for the sink and bathtub fixtures. Pick fixtures with a heavy appearance and simple in design. Then, cover the floor with subway ceramic tile consisting mostly of white. Create a border trim using your chosen room color. Subway tile is 2-by-6 inch tile that is set in a common brick design.

Craftsman Bathroom StyleCraftsman Bathroom Style

After that, cover the bottom portion of the wall with tile or wainscot. Paint the wainscot and all the wood trim white. Use baseboard that is 8-inches wide and seven-eighth inches thick. Window and door trim is also wide and thick. Choose baseboard and trim in a plain design.

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The next step you must do is by mounting the sink to the wall without a vanity or use a pedestal-style sink. Choose white porcelain or enamel for the finish. Then, opt for a claw-foot tub for an authentic look. Lay a solid color rug beside the tub.

By regarding the requirements and steps of decorating your bathroom above, you can have your dream Craftsman style bathroom on your own.