Eco Friendly Bathroom, Saving Water At Home From Your Basin

Saving water at home has become almost a requirement for all of us. The scarcity of drinking water throughout the world has become an emergency that can not be tolerated. The United Nations has estimated that about 2 billion people lack access to safe drinking water and that before long this emergency will spread to Western countries. All we can do somethingĀ  now we start to have more respect for natural resources.

eco friendly bathroom products washbasineco friendly bathroom products washbasin

Saving water at home with eco friendly bathroom basin

On the market there are different devices capable of reducing wastage of water in the house. TheĀ  Eco bathroom is a concept design for a bathroom basin where you can recycle the water used to flush the water in the sink. The concept design has a sleek and sophisticated, a modern design that would look great in most bathrooms, and helps you save on water consumption. This eco-bathroom was designed by Michael Passos. Everyone knows these days that we must conserve water, both to do well for both the environment and save money.

environmentally friendly bathroom accessoriesenvironmentally friendly bathroom accessories

modern saving water washbasin in modern bathroom designmodern saving water washbasin in modern bathroom design

modern and eco friendly washbasinmodern and eco friendly washbasin

eco friendly bathroom accessories by michael passoseco friendly bathroom accessories by michael passos

Much water is simply wasted in every home in the world, this water could be re-used for flushing a toilet or other such activities. The Eco-bath combines a bathroom with sink, water used in the basin is kept to feed the toilet, helping to reduce the amount of water used in a meaningful way. Many toilets can waste up to 9 liters of water, depending on the number of people within a family.

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There are other systems that can help us save water at home, small but useful devices to install or complete systems to save water. However many may appear rather dated, this concept is different, offering all the benefits of pollution at a modern and elegant.