Hawaiian Bathroom Decor

A Hawaiian bathroom decor is one of the most popular themes for people in decorating their bathroom. It will work with almost any tile color that you are starting with, from pastels, to bright colors, to natural tones. It looks especially great with the colors in mid-20th century houses, which often have weird tones we are not quite sure how to work with.

Hawaii Bathroom Suite

Hawaii Bathroom Suite

The Special Items of Hawaiian Bathroom Decor

Before you trying to decorate your bathroom with Hawaiian theme, it is better for you to know the special items that you must have in Hawaiian decor.

Flowers – Hawaii is famous for its beautiful flowers, and any decor with a Hawaiian theme should include flowers. Bird of paradise flowers placed in vases make a stunning visual impact. While fresh flowers are ideal, artificial bird of paradise flowers can be used as well. Leis, the circular neck adornments, can also be worn to add to a Hawaiian look. Real Hawaiian leis are carefully created using fresh flowers. For a party theme, artificial leis work fine.

Rattan and Bamboo – Furniture made out of rattan or bamboo creates a Hawaiian or tropical ambiance. Put bamboo place mats on wood or glass tabletops and counters to add a tropical look.

Pineapples and Palm Trees – Pineapple fields are plentiful in the Hawaiian islands. Use fabric with a pineapple print on curtains, tablecloths and throw pillows. Palm trees are also associated with the tropics, so place potted palm trees around the area to add some tropical flair.

Hula Skirts – Hula skirts are reminiscent of luaus, which are popular on the Hawaiian islands. Craft hula skirts can be found at party and craft stores. Sometimes made of tan plastic cut into strips, craft hula skirts can also be made from a green, heavy rattan paper material similarly cut into strips. Create a table skirt using the hula material, or place a length of hula skirt across the top of fences and arbors for outdoor use.

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The Tiki Mask – Tiki masks bring the Hawaiian islands to mind. Drinking cups can be found with a tiki-mask theme. Mount a wooden tiki mask to a wall as art indoors, or use plastic replicas outside.

Tropical Bathroom Hawaii

Tropical Bathroom Hawaii

The Requirements of Hawaiian Bathroom Decor

After you know some items you must have for decorating your bathroom with Hawaiian decor, you should also know the requirements of Hawaiian decor, related to color choices, furnishing, and accessories of Hawaiian decor.

Palette – A Hawaiian bathroom is no place for cool minimalism or basic black and white. Think tropical sunset or the vivid underwater world and you have your palette. Marine blue, brilliant green, sunset orange and florid fuchsia are the perfect accents, which you can ground with more basic golden sand tones. You can create a bold statement by devoting a wall to a beach sunset or bamboo forest mural. There are also tropical wallpaper murals and wall decals to quickly add an island accent to the bathroom.

Furnishings and Textiles – The bathroom furnishings can have a Hawaiian accent, courtesy of some creative painting. Embellish wooden cabinets and shelves with leaves, flowers or tropical fruits. Decoupage tropical designs onto a wooden bathroom stool or a basic trash can. Roll a raffia or bamboo mat on the bathroom counter. Add cool lighting effects with floral party lights strewn around the mirror. Textiles may feature Polynesian flowers in the tradition of the Hawaiian shirt, or might feature bold prints of leaves or bamboo for a tiki-inspired look.

Accessories – The easiest way to add Hawaiian splash to the bathroom is with accessories. You can go surf shack beach bum with coconut cups as soap dishes of hula girl soap dispensers. Or emphasize nature’s bounty with a collection of sea shells, sand dollars, star fish and coral as counter decor. Line the windowsill with stalks of bamboo or hang an exotic plant in the windowsill. Place candles in small tin buckets of sand and place sea glass in the window where it can shine in the sunlight. Add a touch of tiki kitsch by putting totems, statues, masks and idols on shelves and walls.

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Ideas of Hawaiian Bathroom Decor

Tiki Hawaii Bathroom Accessories

Tiki Hawaii Bathroom Accessories

Here are some bathroom decorating ideas for a rather camp approach to a Hawaiian theme. Below you will find some more subtle approaches for a more subtle and sophisticated style. Feel free to vary the level of “Hawaiian-ness” according to your tastes and needs.

1.    Paint your walls an aquamarine shade of blue. This can range from pale to very bright. Do not go too blue or too dark. Think of swimming pool water sparkling in the sunlight. That is the color you want for your walls.

2.    Cover the window with a grass skirt. If you have a tall window, it might take two or three tiers of skirts. A pretty touch is to glue one or more Hawaiian leis across the waistline of the top skirt.

3.    Select a shower curtain in a Hawaiian print. Alternatively, you could choose a solid color shower curtain and glue Hawaiian flowers onto it with a hot glue gun.

4.    Check thrift stores, antique shops and eBay for campy old Hawaiian souvenirs to decorate the walls and to use to hold items in the bathroom. If you find some old Hawaiian postcards, you can frame these for the wall, or decoupage them on the wall around the mirror or doorway.

Hawaiian bathroom decor is a fun decorating theme for teens and can be adapted to work for any age from kids to grandparents. There is a wide range of choices in bathroom decor in a Hawaiian theme, which can range from subtle for a more sophisticated look, to over the top for a very camp and trendy decor.

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