Bathroom Etagere Over Toilet

Bathroom etagere over toilet is a shelving system that fits snugly over the toilet, with two to four shelves placed above. In smaller bathrooms, this utilizes space you might neglect otherwise. The shelves come in different materials, including metal, wicker and wood. If you have items that you want to hide, look for etageres with cabinets. These have the cabinets on top, with shelves underneath, or multiple cabinets in lieu of shelves. Hide toilet paper, cleaning supplies and personal products inside the cabinets, and place your towels and other items on the shelves.

Bathroom Etagere Over Toilet Brown Wall DecorBathroom Etagere over Toilet

Many homeowners opt for the best of both worlds, a combination of both shelves and cabinets. Bathroom etagere over toilet also called a toilet etagere, this functional piece of furniture typically features shelves on the bottom and a cabinet on top. Many etageres have legs that stand on either side of the toilet and the shelves and cabinet fit over top, which is ideal for those who don’t want to damage their walls with screws or nails. This type of furniture is often available in plastic, wood or steel and comes in a variety of styles to fit most any bathroom decor. If you need lots of storage space, this may be the best option for you.

For those who have small bathrooms, storage space can be short and at a premium. Even some larger bathrooms can have inadequate space for storing bathroom essentials, either because the family is large or because storage has not been thought through properly. If either scenario applies to you, take a long, hard look at the area above and around the toilet. If you are not currently using that space, then now is the time to do something about it.

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Bathroom Etagere Toilet

Bathroom Etagere Toilet

Over toilet storage comes in many forms, but these days, freestanding cabinets and shelving racks that straddle the toilet are the most convenient option. There is nothing to stop you fixing shelves to the wall above the toilet, or a cabinet, or even both. But why make life difficult when there are so many freestanding alternatives available? You can have your new toilet shelves and cabinet up in no time, bringing instant relief, or partial relief, from any bathroom clutter problems you may have.

Over The Toilet EtagereOver The Toilet Etagere

To determine what types of over the toilet storage that is best for you. Well, you have to compare wide range of choices, in design, materials and price range. First, though, you need to decide whether you want a simple, practical shelving unit, or to take the opportunity to add an attractive item of bathroom decor. It is suggested, why choose something ugly when for a slightly higher price you can enhance your bathroom’s looks and appeal? So, happy shopping your bathroom etagere over toilet.