Bathroom Stools And Benches

Seating in a bathroom might seem like an afterthought, but it can be a very functional part of your room’s style. An added chair, or bathroom stools and benches can warm the place up, double as a small table, and hold linens and other necessities. In a powder room with little counter space, it is a great spot for guests to put their purses or keys.

Bathroom Bench

Bathroom Bench

The Types and Function of Bathroom Stools and Benches

Bathroom Stool

Near a bath tub, a bathroom stool is helpful for holding towels, or a magazine or drink while you are soaking in bubbles. This simple rich angle-legged stool adds character to this bathroom.

Shower stools are small stools that are usually adjustable in height and that fit within the tub or shower. They may come with or without a back support. This type of equipment is most appropriate for people who are able to get into the tub when standing, perhaps with the help of a grab bar. They can be easily removed when someone else wants to use the tub or shower.

Red Stool Bench

Red Stool Bench

Vanity Stools can be placed in bedroom or bathroom. Only different between this two is that if you choose Vanity stool for bathroom, be sure that materials of your new Vanity stools are resist damage from heat and moisture. You can get these stools in different shapes, styles and materials.

Materials that is more recommended for bathroom are wood and Wicker. Most favorites are stools from Teak wood. Some of Vanity stools have arm rests. Vanity stools are mostly used as a part of Vanity Set and you can easily put them under the Vanity Table With mirror.

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Bathroom Benches

A bench turns a bathroom into a spa with an upholstered seat and throw pillows. And if it is a storage bench, it can serve as a linen closet. A long bench along a wall opposite your sink can be useful for placing slippers or a used towel.

Transfer benches extend from inside the tub or shower to the outside. These are usually height adjustable and usually come with a back support. The primary advantage is you can sit on the bath bench while outside the tub, then place your legs into the tub. The disadvantage is transfer benches are usually heavier than shower stools, so although removable, they may be more difficult for others to remove when they want to use the tub or shower.

Japanese bath bench and shower stool

Japanese bath bench and shower stool

Vanity Bench can be independent piece of vanity furniture or is one of the parts of Vanity set. It can be part as vanity set which usually include table, mirror and stool or bench. It requires more space than stool or chair because of larger sitting part. The most popular Vanity Bench for bathroom is Teak Vanity Bench.  Sitting part can be lowered in the middle, flat or convex of different materials like velvet, cotton, teak wood, tapestry or very rare leather.

Bathroom stools and benches are very  helpful, not only for sitting but also for improving the aesthetics of your bathroom.