Light Fixtures For Bathrooms

Light fixtures for bathrooms are important for your bathroom decor. Lighting can change your ordinary room to extraordinary room.  That’s why lighting is important features to any room design.

Bath Lighting Fixtures

Bath Lighting Fixtures

Look at your bathroom and see how the lighting in there is. Does it look so ordinary that you really want to change it but you don’t know how? Nowadays there are a lot of modern light fixtures for bathroom sold in the market with variable price. They have the ability to change your bathroom environment.

Tips for Choosing Light Fixtures for Bathrooms

First of all, check your sink and mirror in your bathroom. Usually the lighting at this area is put to the max. It is because this is the area where every woman in your house put their make up on. Nowadays, since women don’t put on heavy make-up anymore you can tone down the lighting. This is going to be the first place that needs lighting fixtures.

Second of all, you need to see and decide the lighting placement at your bathroom. You really need to observe and find where the right place to have the fixtures. Usually bathroom has that one light on the ceiling outside the shower area to light all the room. This kind of light is effective lighting fixtures but it consumes a lot of watts. You can change this lighting to wall lamps, like wall sconces. This light doesn’t require wall-switched or you can choose that has individual switch on it so you can turn them on and off as you like.

There are a lot of lighting fixtures that you can find in the market. They are available in many colors, size and designs. You can choose the one that fit your room design. You can make your room look vintage with wall lamp that you get from vintage stores in your town.  If you want your room like English Inn, you can purchase gaslight bulbs; if you want to be friendlier with the environment, you can go with fluorescent lighting fixtures. You don’t have to spend a lot of money in upgrading your lighting fixtures. There are many bathroom lighting fixtures that you can get with reasonable price.

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Bathroom Lighting Interior

Bathroom Lighting Interior

Placement and Style of Light Fixtures for Bathrooms

One of the most important considerations when it comes to installing lights in your bathroom is how they will aid you in grooming. When placed at certain angles, lights can create shadows. While shadows can add a dynamic element in a family room or bedroom, they can cause you to miss a spot when you’re shaving or apply too much or too little makeup in the bathroom. Keep in mind how big your grooming mirror is and how to best place lights around it to minimize shadows. There are several different types of fixtures available, so you won’t have a problem finding one that not only chases shadows away but complements your decor as well.

In smaller bathrooms, particularly those that have windows or do not have a shower or bathtub, you may only need one light to provide sufficient illumination. Installing the fixture into the middle of the ceiling will provide enough light, but it can also create shadows when you’re using the mirror. In that case, you may want to install the light or lights above the mirror. To avoid uneven lighting, install a strip of lights for consistent illumination across the entire length of the mirror. Lights placed at the side of a mirror will further reduce the likelihood of problematic shadows. In larger bathrooms, particularly those that do not have clear shower doors, you may need to install multiple lights, including one over the shower or above the commode. If you have a particularly spacious bathroom, you’ll need a combination of mirror, shower and overhead lights to effectively and stylishly illuminate the room.

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Strip Lights: Installing a strip light above your mirror is a good way to ensure evenly distributed lighting for grooming tasks. Choose bright, white bulbs to provide the best lighting. Installing strip lighting down each side of your mirror will generally minimize the appearance of shadows. A variety of styles including globes and upturned or downturned cups let you choose the best possible angle of illumination.

Recessed and Overhead: Whether you wish to install lights over the tub, shower or toilet, recessed and overhead lights provide a range of styles that fit nearly any bathroom. Recessed lights are fixed into the ceiling, making them ideal for bathrooms with low ceilings or installing above your shower. Since only the trim and bulb are visible, they are unobtrusive and can provide either soft or very bright light, depending on which type of bulb and wattage you choose. When installing overhead lights near mirrors, consider adding supplemental lights to the side of the mirror to reduce shadows for more accurate grooming.

Wall: Wall lights can provide the perfect accent to artwork and other decorations while reducing shadows near your mirror and complementing overhead lights. Install sconces to highlight paintings or provide light above the toilet. Look for fixtures that complement your decor and supplement overhead lights in areas where extra illumination is needed.

Features of Light Fixtures for Bathrooms

Dimmer Switches: Lights with dimmer switches enable you to customize the level of light you need. You can adjust lights up or down with a handy wall switch to choose the perfect low-light setting to keep the bathroom illuminated at night.

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Frosted Bulbs: Using frosted bulbs can reduce glare and shadows compared to clear bulbs, so you may want to consider using them with whichever type of light fixtures you decide to install.

Lighting for Bathroom Interior

Lighting for Bathroom Interior

Halogen and Fluorescent Bulbs: In addition to providing greater energy efficiency than incandescent bulbs, both halogen and fluorescent bulbs wear out less frequently and provide brighter light, making them ideal for use above and around mirrors.

Combination Exhaust/Lighting: A popular choice in bathroom lighting combines the utility of an exhaust fan with overhead lighting for an all-in-one solution. Some models may also incorporate heating elements or heat lamps for even more versatile use.

Light fixtures for bathrooms are essential part of a bathroom, because they do not only give you a helpful light that make you easily doing your activity in your bathroom, but also they will give you wonderful effects that make your bathroom look more beautiful.