Small Bathroom Floor Plans

Small bathroom floor plans pose their own challenges when it comes to including everything in a bathroom that the homeowner wants. Some of the issues with a small bathroom include lack of storage space, no room for properly installing fixtures and not enough room for moving around.

Small Bath Floor Plan

Small Bath Floor Plan

As the planning period for remodeling a small bathroom gets started, it is important to remember that there are easy in which a homeowner can make space in a bathroom and utilize the available room to get all of the desired use out of the bathroom. Some design ideas take a little imagination to implement, but once they are put in place they make perfect sense.

Ideas for Small Bathroom Floor Plans

Ceiling Space – When the small bathroom floor plan shows floor space to be at a premium, then it is time to consider using the ceiling space. Netting or full fabric can be hung from the ceiling like a hammock where supplies such as toothpaste, toilet paper and anything light can be stored.

If the ceiling is high enough, then towel bars can also be installed on the ceiling to be used by the adults as places to hang towels to dry. Remember that this could cause wet areas on the floor, so always have rugs down on the bathroom floors to prevent slipping.

Storage Solutions – Space-saving solutions are the heroes of small bathroom floor plan and include strategies that make the room visually appear larger as well as those that literally expand the square footage. Ever since bathrooms acquired indoor plumbing, designers and homeowners have sought ways to make a small bathroom work, look and feel better, but some of the best ideas are recent innovations. Those considering a bathroom makeover within the confines of a small layout will be pleasantly surprised by just how much can be comfortably worked into a limited space.

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Adequate storage is often the greatest challenge in small bathroom floor plans. When space is at a premium, moving bathroom storage onto the walls frees up floor space. Arranging accessory shelves near the sink vanity is one solution, but other, often-overlooked wall areas can be pulled into duty as well. A single shelf can be installed under a window, over a door frame or beneath the vanity mirror.

Small Bathroom Design Diagram

Small Bathroom Design Diagram

Slim and stylish storage cabinets are now available in widths as narrow as 18 inches. Providing storage without leaving a large footprint, they also add a “furniture look” to a bathroom that is in keeping with today’s eclectic design styles.

Recessed shelving is another storage option, one that adds an elegant architectural element to the design of the room as well. Tiled wall niches can add needed counter space to cramped bathrooms and can add functionality to shower surrounds, too. Some wall niches are available in sets, complete with everything needed to install them.

Wall-Mounted Fixtures – When storage needs are met elsewhere, a bulky sink vanity becomes superfluous. Mounting the sink vanity on the wall not only adds extra square footage to a small space, but makes the space appears larger than it is. Often, small bathrooms are uncomfortable because of a cramped feeling more than physical limitations. Toilets can now be mounted from the wall as well, for an ultra-sleek modern feeling.

Eliminating Door Traffic Jams – In bathroom entrances, doors generally open inward for privacy’s sake, but making allowances for an inward-swinging door eats up floor space. Pocket doors are one solution. They slide directly into an adjacent wall. Shower doors that swing open can also take up precious floor space. Some manufacturers solve this problem by using two smaller swinging doors. Sliding doors are another option. Sometimes the need for any shower door at all can be eliminated. Walk-behind units feature door-less showers that keep water splashes at bay be creating a wall of glass between the shower and the rest of the bathroom.

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Small Bathroom Floor Plan Basic

Small Bathroom Floor Plan Basic

Small bathroom floor plans can be challenging, but with careful planning, they can be transformed into stylish, functional spaces. The key is to employ space-saving products and strategies, and to use design and decor that makes the limited space look and feel grand.