Jack And Jill Bathroom Ideas

A Jack and Jill bathroom is a full bathroom that is between two bedrooms and accessible from each through two separate doors. These bathrooms are featured in homes catering to families as two siblings can access the bathroom from the privacy of their own bedrooms. Placing the toilet area in a separate cubicle accessed by an additional door within the bathroom extends the use of the Jack and Jill bathroom. Below you can get some Jack and Jill bathroom ideas that can be advantageous for you when you want to try to design this type of bathroom.

Jack and Jill Bath Wide

Jack and Jill Bath Wide

Requirements for Jack and Jill Bathroom Ideas

The first thing you must consider is the way to access to a Jack and Jill bathroom. A Jack and Jill bathroom has two doors and two light switches, each servicing the bedrooms that are situated on either side of the bathroom. Both doors have locks to ensure privacy when the bathroom is in use. Both doors must be unlocked when leaving the bathroom to keep the room available for continued use.

You also must consider the vanities that you will put in your Jack and Jill bathroom. The ideal Jack and Jill bathroom features two sinks, two medicine cabinets and two storage spaces underneath the vanity. One mirror covers the entire wall and services both vanity areas. A more decorative Jack and Jill bathroom features two separate framed mirrors above the vanity. Small bathroom mats are in front of each sink.

Jack and Jill Bathroom Designs

Jack and Jill Bathroom Designs

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Lighting is another thing you need to think of. One florescent light spans the ceiling of the Jack and Jill bathroom. Two ceiling lights, two high-hats or two sets of Hollywood-style lights surround the mirrors, if two mirrors are used, and are sometimes used in the shared bathroom in place of the florescent light. Lighting both sides of the vanity area individually is important. If one light is used, one light switch should be placed adjacent to each door. If two lights are used, designated light switches should be placed adjacent to the individual doors.

Do not forget to pay attention on your toilet area. A half-wall on the side of the toilet area provides privacy if a separate toilet room cannot fit within the space of the Jack and Jill bathroom. If the Jack and Jill bathroom has a toilet room, it will also feature a separate light and a lock on the door.

Consider the using of bath or shower in your bathroom. A bathtub with an overhead shower or a shower stall is a component of the Jack and Jill bathroom. Unlike the vanity area, there is only one bath or shower space in the bathroom. Separate towel racks are near the tub/shower. Inside the shower or bath, two sets of shelving are placed to hold individual bath needs. One large bath mat is placed in front of the tub/shower.

Locks are things you cannot forget when you want to have Jack and Jill bathroom. Because a Jack and Jill bathroom features a door on each end, you may have privacy concerns about the space. To address these concerns, ensure that there is a lock on both doors so that the bathroom is secure when in use. Having a lock on each door can cause some issues, however. First, you must remember to lock both doors when you need to use the bathroom. Secondly, you must remember to unlock both doors when leaving the bathroom so that the other person who shares the bathroom is not locked out of the space when he may need to use the facilities.

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Add a partition to enable two people can use the bathroom in the same time. If two or more members of your household share a Jack and Jill bathroom, it can get crowded in the morning when everyone is trying to get ready for school or work. To ensure that the bathroom to accommodate more than one person at a time, consider adding a partition or fully enclosing the toilet and shower. Installing an enclosure for these areas can allow one person to use them while another person brushes her teeth at the sink or puts makeup on in front of the mirror; this way, no one in the family has to worry about being late.

Another way to ensure that a Jack and Jill bathroom can accommodate more than one person at a time is to install double sinks. Installing two sinks next to one another allows you and another person to brush your teeth or wash your faces at the same time. To make the set-up even more convenient, consider installing a sink in each of the connecting bedrooms so family members do not have to wait to perform basic tasks, like washing their hands.

Find a universal theme for your Jack and Jill bathroom. When it comes to decorating the bathroom, take the personalities of all of the people sharing the space into account and create a distinct space within the room for each person. Use a neutral color palette, particularly if a male and female are sharing the space, and select a decorating theme that is gender-neutral. For example, an under-the-sea theme is appropriate for both men and women; you can decorate the walls with stenciled whales, dolphins, mermaids or other sea creatures. Alternatively, a simple black and white tile design can also be attractive in a shared space.

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Jack And Jill Bathroom Design Ideas

Jack And Jill Bathroom Design Ideas

Well, those are Jack and Jill bathroom ideas that we can share and it is hoped that you can use them as your consideration when you want to design a Jack and Jill bathroom.