Bathroom Stalls Commercial

Bathroom stalls commercial provide privacy for restroom patrons and serve as a mount for required hygiene accessories, like toilet tissue holders and toilet seat cover dispensers. When selecting the correct bathroom stalls for your restroom facility, you have to make sure to adequately assess the layout and remember to observe the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and any similar state or local accessibility requirements. Bathroom stall configuration is important. The functionality and serviceability of your toilet area is largely determined by your bathroom stalls’ configuration. Bathroom stalls must be made of sturdy materials that can be mounted securely to your restroom wall, floors, ceiling and each other – usually secure mounting requires a combination of these. Also, selection of the bathroom partition materials may determine how easily the bathroom stalls are cleaned, how sanitary they remain and how vandalism proof they are.

Commercial Bathroom Stalls

Commercial Bathroom Stalls

Bathroom privacy can be one concern that many people share. When using a restroom in a public facility, having the privacy you would normally have at home can be very important to your customers. Luckily, commercial bathroom partitions are available in various designs so you can choose what suits your needs while allowing customers to have the privacy they require. The construction of your commercial bathroom may determine what type of restroom partition works best. While privacy is essential, having safe wall partitions are vital to keep customers safe.

Choices of Bathroom Stalls Commercial

Privacy partitions are available in various materials, including stainless steel, baked enamel, solid plastic, plastic laminate and solid phenolic core. Furthermore, they can be mounted to different areas in the bathroom. You can choose from floor braced, ceiling hung, overhead braced, and floor to ceiling bathroom partitions. Each type of wall partition will work best in certain types of bathroom designs. For example, floor to ceiling partitions can offer extra stability than other options.

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Overhead installation is the first choice. Overhead braced restroom stalls are very convenient because they don’t require specific floor to ceiling construction. Solid plastic, stainless steel, and baked enamel are just a few choices you have when looking for overhead braced bathroom partitions. There is also a no-site partition that has no gaps between the door and pilasters. This is a perfect option for more upscale areas whose patrons require a more private environment. Baked enamel is another affordable option you can choose. It too has a wide selection of colors to choose from.

Paperstone Chocolate Bathroom Commercial Stalls

Paperstone Chocolate Bathroom Commercial Stalls

Ceiling Hung is also another option. Ceiling hung bathroom screens are best for areas that have low ceilings that are less than eight feet high. Due to not having any connection to the floor, this type of commercial restroom partition allows easy maintenance. Many different colors are available to choose from to match the restroom’s color scheme. Low cost plastic laminate provides a corrosion-resistant material that works great in movie theaters, retail stores, and restaurants.

You also might like to choose floor braced installation. Floor braced bathroom partitions are intended for areas that have high ceilings. This design gives the effect of spaciousness to its visitors. Solid phenolic core floor braced restroom stalls will resist bacteria, water, oil, and humidity. Maintenance is easy since they are able to handle hose-down cleaning. In fact, solid phenolic bathroom panels can also work for shower partitions. Stainless steel bathroom stalls feature seamless panels and are stronger than alternatives.  A textured or satin brush finish lets you decide on the final look.

Floor to Ceiling Installation is another installation you can opt. Floor to ceiling bathroom panels are recommended for areas that need additional stability. You can choose from a stainless steel design that has a textured or satin finish or baked enamel that has many different color choices. The solid plastic restroom partitions are perfect for theme parks, stadiums, or any area that has high levels of vandalism. Solid plastic restroom partitions are durable and low maintenance.

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The other choice is urinal dividers. Wall partitions for urinals are also available for privacy. Baked enamel and stainless steel models have a treated corrugated core. Solid plastic, along with Plastic laminate and solid phenolic core are a couple of other options that won’t rust or delaminate for privacy partitions.

Designing Bathroom Stalls Commercial

There are plenty of options for bathroom stall dividers and decorations that will work for your commercial business. Choose the style that will fit the tastes of your patrons to ensure they have a pleasant overall impression of your business. There are also sanitary and graffiti-preventing measures you can take when designing a bathroom stall divider.

Painted wood is a good way to create your bathroom stalls. Bright colors are a funky motif for stall walls. You can build your own stall walls out of wood, and hire a mural artist to paint them. The wood will create a soft, organic feel in the bathrooms. Let the mural artist know what type of painting you want, whether an outdoor or fantastical scene or abstract geometric pattern, and what sort of colors you’d like: brights, neutrals and pastels are all good choices for bathrooms. Finish the walls with a washable outer coat, because stall walls will need to be cleanable and able to endure wear and tear.

You can try to have bathroom stall with metal sheets. Pennies on the walls can create an interesting visual effect. Erect metal sheets between the bathroom stalls. A shiny stainless steel, with its slick surface, will discourage graffiti. Iron or non stainless steel will allow you to stick magnetic poetry or letters to the stall walls to encourage harmless bathroom wall-writing. There are also artisan options such as pounded copper walls or plain metal walls covered in pennies and an epoxy coating. Smooth metal walls will prove much easier to clean than bumpy metal walls. Metal that is not coated is a hostile environment for germs, making it a good bathroom choice.

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Commercial Bathroom Partitions

Commercial Bathroom Partitions

Chalkboards are a good choice for bathroom stalls in bars and cafes. Set up stall dividers of any type, but attach large, framed chalkboards to the walls. This is good for graffiti-prone bathrooms, such as those in bars or cafes. Periodically refill a small box of chalk located near the toilet paper. You can take photos of the more interesting artwork or sayings that emerge on the bathroom walls and tape them in a border around the bathroom mirrors for decoration. Chalkboards are easy to wipe clean and will make your commercial space’s bathroom a memorable experience.

Post Information through Your Bathroom Stalls Commercial

Educational posters can be fun for all ages of patrons. Use the bathroom stalls commercial to convey important information to your patrons. Try to make the information relevant to those who use your bathroom: If you run a bar, provide information about sexual consent; if you run a restaurant, about upcoming events; if you own a market, about making ecological food choices. Don’t make the postings too loud, though, or your patrons might avoid going to your establishment because they feel they are being taken advantage of.