How To Replace Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Bathroom exhaust fans do not enjoy a lifetime guarantee and probably will go out on you before you decide to move on to another house. The essential purpose of a bathroom exhaust fan is to provide exhaust to reduce the amount of moisture in the most humid room of the house. Moisture helps to breed health dangers, such as mold, and can contribute to the warping of doors and drawers. When you meet a condition that your bathroom exhaust fan is broken and you need to replace it, what are you going to do? Hiring a professional contractor or doing the job by yourself? If you are going to save your money, it is suggested to do the job by yourself. This article will give you information how to replace bathroom exhaust fan by yourself, so that you can do the job correctly.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Pic

Bathroom Exhaust Fan

How to Replace Bathroom Exhaust Fan – Step by Step

Screwdriver, fan unit, knife or wire cutters are tools that you require for completing the replacement. After all the tools are ready, you can start your job.

Step 1: Flip the breaker carrying electricity to the bathroom fan off. Be sure to test and double-check to make sure you got the right breaker. Unscrew the old fan and take apart the wires connecting it to the ceiling. Remove the fan from the ceiling and dispose of it properly.

Connect Wiring Exhaust Fan

Connect Wiring Exhaust Fan

Step 2: Place the housing of the fan into the hole and if you plan on connecting the fan to switch other than the one it originally operate from, run the cable from unit to the light switch. Normally, the fan will be on the same switch as the light, but if you want them to run on separate switches, you will need to use a 3-wire cable and refer to the manufacturer’s instructions connecting it.

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Step 3: Connect the wires. In most cases this will simply be a matter of connecting bare copper to bare copper, white with white, and black with black. Some fans have heating and cooling options, as well as a timer, and in these cases the wiring may be more complicated. There should be a clip on the housing of the fan; attach the ground wire to this clip. Insert the wires into the junction box and attach the cover.

Step 4: Connect the duct to the fan housing. Remove insulation from around the housing. Read the manufacturer’s instructions about insulation and remove any insulation around the housing that is considered too close. A minimum distance is required because the fan unit can get hot enough to spark a fire in insulation if it is kept too close. Install the cover. Then test the fan to see if it works.

Replacing Bathroom Exhaust Fan

After you know how to replace bathroom exhaust fan, now you can practice the information and prove how expert you are.