Sign Language For Bathroom

Sign language is a way to communicate to people who can’t hear with your hands, including sign language for bathroom. Like most languages, sign language is best if taught to children. But if you have to teach someone sign language who is an adult, there are many ways to do it.

Bathroom Sign On Public Space

Bathroom Sign On Public Space

How to Teach Sign Language for Bathroom

First thing you should do, you have to learn sign language. Obviously, you can’t teach sign language unless you know it yourself. Many colleges such as Gallaudet University will allow you to major in sign language and get a bachelor’s degree. You can also start learning sign language from ASL University, a website that’ll teach you the basics.

You also can consider using software or creating your own program. Adults, especially younger adults who are comfortable with computers, may enjoy learning sign language on the computer. They can learn on their own time, and not be shy about asking for repetition or clarification from the computer. The Institute for Disabilities Research and Training, Inc. sells software about teaching sign language.

Sign Language Bathroom

Sign Language Bathroom

You also may think about becoming certified sign language teacher. The American Sign Language Teachers Association (ASLTA) has state chapters and certifies teachers. There are different certification paths depending on what you want and need so you can start teaching sign language to adults.

Be patient when working with adults. Like children, they will need a great deal of repetition and practice to learn sign language. On the plus side, most adults who want to learn sign language are very motivated since they may have a loved one who communicates with sign language.

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Examples of Sign Language for Bathroom

If you live with some people with special disability that force you to use sign language, you need to learn this sign language bathroom to ease you help them when they need you to help them to go to the bathroom.

Even though you see a “T” for the hand shape, this sign is commonly thought of as meaning “bathroom.”  The sign for toilet is the same sign as “bathroom,” but when you see it signed in a sentence you should usually interpret it as bathroom rather than toilet.

Hand Language For BathroomHand Language For Bathroom

The sign for “bathroom” is made by forming the right hand into the letter “t.”  The palm side is facing away from you. Shake your hand side to side a couple times. Some people use a twisting movement instead of the side to side shake.  Either is fine if you prefer the side to side shake.

To ask, “Do you need to go to the bathroom?” just tilt your head forward a bit, raise your eyebrows, and do the “toilet” sign. You also can puff your cheeks out a bit while doing the sign for “PEE or urine.”  You also can do a very small movement repetition.

By knowing the sign language for bathroom, it helps us easily to communicate with some  hearing disabled people about bathroom.