Bathroom Remodels On A Budget

Bathroom remodels on a budget requires creativity and planning. But if you know how to remodel a bathroom on a budget, you can make a big difference in the value of your home without wasting a lot of extra cash that could be spent on something else — like remodeling your bedroom.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on A Budget

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on A Budget

Bathrooms are expensive. Remodeling bathrooms can put a big dent in anyone’s budget, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Try these ideas to trim the cost:

  1. Plan everything perfectly. Don’t rush the process and allow yourself the time to fully work through all aspects of the project.
  2. Avoid cutting up your house. Try to be as creative with the space you have and avoid structural changes.
  3. Curves are in, but costly. Curved walls and other difficult-to-build features can add up quickly. Simple straightforward designs are the least expensive to build.
  4. Concentrate the plumbing in one location. Place new bathroom additions adjacent to or above existing facilities to reduce rough-in plumbing costs.
  5. Use professionals. Architects and kitchen and bath planners can actually save you money because their designs are efficient. They’re familiar with working with contractors and giving advice to clients.
  6. Stick with standard finishes and items. Bath fixtures in custom colors or high-end finishes cost several times what standard fixtures cost. Check the price of any nonstandard fixture in your plan and compare its price against the standard version. Standard may seem boring, but the savings are sure to get your attention.

On A Budget Bathroom Modern Shower

On A Budget Bathroom Modern Shower

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Things to Consider When You Have Bathroom Remodels on a Budget

The first thing is the material. If you want high-end materials, use them sparingly. A granite vanity countertop or marble tile on the deck of the tub won’t break the bank, but they will give the bathroom a luxurious touch. Supplement higher-priced accents with cheaper materials like ceramic tile that simulates natural stone. Use bead board on the walls in place of tile for a country bath. Shop for building materials in the winter–demand is lower and you may have room to strike a deal.

Go shopping in untraditional stores for building materials. A boat supply store may have a vanity normally used in yachts that would be perfect for your bathroom for less money. Find a unique source for stainless steel to use on the vanity front. Look for a retailer that allows you to mix and match your own tile. This enables you to get vibrant color while using mosaic pieces that are on sale. Plan your bathroom remodel around stones and woods that are local to your area to save on shipping costs. A shower made out of concrete panels gives you the opportunity to use recycled materials, save money and add an industrial feeling to your bathroom remodel. Replicate high-end tile that looks like rock by setting a shower floor with landscape rock and concrete for a fraction of the cost. Use leftover materials from other remodeling projects, such as accenting the mirror with cherry wood flooring or painting the underside of a piece of glass for an inexpensive vanity counter.

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The second thing is considering doing the project by yourself. Do-it-yourself projects can save money on labor while allowing you to work within your own time frame and get a custom look. Know when to call in the experts on a bathroom remodel to save headaches and costly mistakes. Professionals should handle the plumbing and electrical work to make sure the bathroom meets building codes. Perform tasks like painting and removing wallpaper yourself to save money.

Floor plan is something important you must have in the project. The floor plan of your bathroom determines how much the remodel will cost. Try keeping the main fixtures, such as the toilet, sink and tub, in the same spot to save on plumbing expenses. If you want a jetted tub, find one in a standard size that will fit in the existing tub area.

Custom touches will make your remodel look perfect. A budget bathroom can still be stylish. Identify the one contemporary element in a bathroom that you can’t live without, such as a chandelier or vessel sink. Save money on the rest of the materials so you can still have what’s important to you.

Base your remodel around the existing features in the space. Work with a pedestal sink, claw-foot tub and white tile to create a vintage bathroom. Spruce up a retro bath with light and paint. Try a modern paint color like gold against gray or taupe tile to update it and create a contemporary look without spending a lot of money. Paint also can transform the vanity for just a few dollars.

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Remodeling Ideas for Bathroom on A Budget

Remodeling Ideas for Bathroom on A Budget

Bathroom remodels on a budget is not only about saving money, but also how to have a wonderful bathroom in a fixed budget. That’s why you cannot do the project without a good plan.