Bathroom Accessories For Handicap

Bathroom Accessories for Handicap – For seniors, the disabled or handicapped is very important to have home-furnishings and tailored to their specific functional requirements of motion. This especially in the bathroom, an environment usually not very large in which it is important for those who have restrictions to the movement of being able to divincolare in an effective, convenient and especially, as far as possible, individually. For this there are many proposals on the market of bathroom accessories designed specifically for people with special needs in terms of mobility, comfort and safety such as handicapped shower chair.

safe bathroom by ponte giuliosafe bathroom by ponte giulio

Bathroom Sets for Special Needs

With the project ” Safe Bathroom “, for example, the brand Ponte Giulio manufactures a full range of accessories and decorating accessories to make bathrooms safer and accessible to the disabled. The ergonomic basin (Prices from 180 euros) can also be used with wheelchairs or those with special mobility needs, while among the accessories are the indispensable safety handles (price from 48 euros depending on model and size) the company’s products in different sizes, materials and types. These can be matched to health, or within the walls of the shower as a valuable point of support for people with disabilities.

folding safety support grab bar by ponte giuliofolding safety support grab bar by ponte giulio

Other brands of bathroom furnishing sector, which has in its catalog Roca specific solution for the disabled is offering its products in toilets and bidets for the disabled in various models. Available in both single-block suspended, these health start at a cost of about $ 200 and feature an ergonomic shape, and accompanied by suitable safety handles.

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Specializing in furniture and accessories for the disabled, however, Civita Chromium has a wide range of solutions for the bathroom are all characterized by the highest quality materials and functionality of use. Very practical, for example, are seats for the shower that the mark proposed in different models and types from a price of $ 150. SI is an accessory for disabled or elderly to be fixed to the wall of the shower (in a fixed or mobile depending on model) to shower while sitting, then conveniently and safely.

white and luxury bathroom accessories for disabled ausil line serieswhite and luxury bathroom accessories for disabled ausil line series

“Ausil Line” however, is the collection of bathroom accessories  brand Sanitosco for the disabled and handicapped both for homes and for public spaces. This collection includes everything needed to decorate a bathroom (full price of 2,000 euros) from the shower to the health safety handles.

Sicur Bath, finally, is a company specialized in building tanks for the elderly and disabled: its products are specifically designed to give comfort and security to those with reduced mobility. The collection offers both Sicur bath tubs with doors that motorized tanks with prices starting from 800 euros depending on the desired model. The first feature of a door for the entrance so you do not have to climb over the edge of the tub and an indoor sediolino you bathe while seated in complete safety and comfort. The present second hand motorized seats that help the elderly or disabled person in the hall, and finally in the descent phase out of the pool.

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