Modern Vanities For Small Bathroom

Modern vanities for small bathroom are perfect for the homeowner with a sleek, sophisticated, and stylish decorative preference. They are specifically designed to be eye-catching and dramatic, without sacrificing any of the vanity unit’s usefulness. On the contrary, each of our intriguing modern vanities is designed to enhance and improve your bathroom’s efficiency and organization while acting as an aesthetic focal point that will surely spark your guests’ interest.

Modern Bathroom Vanities for Small Bathroom

Modern Bathroom Vanities for Small Bathroom

Most modern vanities provide plenty of storage space for all of your toiletries and bathroom needs. For smaller bathrooms, you can consider to put corner bathroom vanities or small modern vanities. They don’t provide as much storage space as their cabinet-based counterparts, but they more than make up for this in charm and space efficiency.

Modern Vanities for Small Bathrooms: Choosing Tips

Go tall and skinny – This is a resourceful way to fit a stylish mirror and vanity into a limited amount of space.  There’s a wide variety of beautiful and contemporary vanities that work well in smaller bathrooms. Tall and slim vanities also work well with vessel sinks, which can add splashes of color and personality to bathrooms of any size.

Go narrow – If your bathroom happens to be narrow, your vanity should be, too. A long and thin rectangle is an ideal shape for these types of bathrooms. This minimizes the amount of vanity jutting out into the bathroom but maximizes counter and storage space. For the fashion forward, consider installing a trough sink.

Go to your corner – Corner vanity units can be wonderful space savers. They take up less room than most traditional vanities and have a fresh, modern look. When paired with a corner medicine cabinet, the unit also provides a streamlined storage solution. With their unconventional shape, corner vanities offer a variety of creative and eye-catching options.

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Go up the wall – When space is truly an issue, sometimes there’s nowhere to go but up. Floating vanities come in just about every size and style imaginable; they also have the benefits of not only being compact but also providing storage. Your vanity isn’t the only thing that can float, either. When square footage is short, use shelves and cabinets to maximize the use of your wall space. Even better, use recessed shelves.

Modern Small Bathroom Vanities Design

Modern Small Bathroom Vanities Design

Go open – If stock cabinetry or traditional vanities are too big for your bathroom, try using a wooden table with a vessel sink instead. You can save even more space by mounting the fixtures on the wall. To truly pare down, choose a vanity that is both open and floats. That way you can still have a little bit of storage in the least amount of space.

Go bare – If you’re truly strapped for space, skip the storage altogether. Even if you choose a vanity without storage, you can still have style and substance. A simple marble countertop can add a lot of class in a little space. If you still need storage, consider using shelves or a cabinet outside the bathroom itself.

Go custom – Sometimes cookie-cutter won’t do it. If you’ve got a unique bathroom, you’re going to need an equally unique vanity to go with it. However, you don’t have to start from scratch. A purchased cabinet base and countertop can be easily modified to fit your specific needs. Another popular option for customization is an open L-shaped vanity installed in the corner of the bathroom. The wall supports one side of the vanity with room to hang a towel underneath. Get the most out of your counter space by pairing an angled faucet with an offset sink.

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Go reflect – For the fashion forward, nothing increases the illusion of space like a mirror. For a dramatic look, choose a mirror-paneled vanity. This will both open up your bathroom and show your guests that you’ve got a flair for style.

Go to one side – Traditional single vanities usually have the sink in the center. Make better use of your countertop space by having the sink on one side of the vanity instead. This works particularly well for dresser-style vanities.

Go retro – Classic and vintage vanities have the advantage of being both small and extremely stylish. There is also a fanciful variety of styles to suit any bathroom. Classic wooden vanities come in a rainbow of colors, while antique style vanities have the benefit of old world style while being brand new.

Go green – Not literally:  although if it suits your bathroom, feel free. Many old dressers are finding new life as bathroom vanities. They’re easily modified and can be painted or refinished to match your bathroom’s color palette. It’s a great opportunity to repurpose an old piece of furniture.

Modern Vanities for Small Bathroom

Modern Vanities for Small Bathroom

No matter how small your bathroom is, there are many options of modern vanities for small bathroom out there that’s just right for it. After all, a little vanity can be a good thing.