Ideas Of Rubber Duck Bathroom Decor

This iconic figure made popular in the 1970’s by Jim Henson and the Muppets has become something more than just a figurine and a cute toy. Now, you are not only able to have rubber duck bathroom decor, but you also can find charities all over the world running rubber ducky races where the proceeds go to specified charities. Typically, the participants buy traditional yellow ducks and then decorate them. They bring them to the event where a river or some type of flowing water and release them all at the same time. The first rubber ducky to cross the finish line receives a prize and the best decorated too.

Rubber Ducky Bathroom Sets

Rubber Ducky Bathroom Sets

How to Have Rubber Duck Bathroom Décor?

Start by painting the bathroom walls vibrant yellow or at least paint one wall vibrant yellow. You can also find a rubber ducky border and place it in the middle of the bathroom walls (all the way around). Then paint the bottom half of the walls light blue and the top half of the walls vibrant yellow. Another option for paint is to find a rubber ducky stencil and paint yellow rubber ducks all over the walls. If you do not want to use paint, find a rubber ducky wallpaper or border. Cover the walls with rubber ducky wallpaper or use the border to go all the way around the top of the walls.

After that, you can find and purchase any rubber ducky bathroom decorations you can at your local retail store or online. Look for rubber ducky shower hooks, wall art, toothbrush holder, soap dish, lotion dispenser, towels, washcloths and wastebasket. Other items to include in the bathroom might be a rubber ducky clock, switch plate cover, rugs and a shower mat.

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If you cannot find the exact rubber ducky accessories you are looking for, make your own. You will need several rubber ducks, hot glue and glue gun, wicker baskets and any basic accessories you want to use. Hot-glue the rubber ducks to wicker baskets, towel bars, a tall toilet paper holder, plastic storage bins and a tissue box holder. Use the wicker baskets to store items such as magazines, extra toilet paper or hair and bath products.

Rubber Ducky Wall Decals

Rubber Ducky Wall Decals

You also need to place some rubber ducks around the bathroom. For example, put a couple on the bathroom counter and a few on the edge of the bathtub. Rubber ducks come in a variety of colors and styles, so liven up the bathroom with other color ducks in addition to yellow.

Then do not forget to purchase rubber ducky stickers and stencils at your local craft store to add more decoration to the bathroom. Place the stickers or use the stencils to paint a yellow ducky on the light switch plate, wall outlet plate covers, a basic mirror (which looks great as wall art) and on the large bathroom mirror.

Step by Step to Create Rubber Duck Bathroom Decor

Things you’ll need to create rubber duck bathroom décor are small, medium and large rubber duck toys, hot glue gun, utility knife, plastic shower rings, stand-alone toilet brush, plastic trash can, silicone caulk, grapevine wreath, and yellow ribbon.

First, make rubber duck shower rings. Simply hot-glue small rubber ducks to the tops of inexpensive plastic shower rings. Then, embellish your toilet with a rubber duck. Cut a slit in the bottom of a medium-sized rubber duck. Cover the flush handle with hot glue. Pull the rubber duck toy over the handle. Allow the glue to harden completely before flushing.

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The next step is you can embellish your toilet brush. Hot-glue a rubber duck toy to the handle of a stand-alone toilet brush. Then, embellish a plastic trash can. Hot-glue rubber duck toys all around the top rim.

Embellish small faucet handles is the next step. Cut around the holes in the bottoms of two large rubber ducks. Fill the ducks with silicone caulk. Push the rubber ducks onto your sink handles. Allow the caulk to harden before use. The last step you can do is by Making a rubber duck wreath. Hot-glue small rubber duck toys to the front of a grapevine wreath. Wind a yellow ribbon around the wreath. Attach a large yellow ribbon bow.

Rubber Ducky

Rubber Ducky

Rubber duck bathroom décor is not only good for children, but also for adult who need to memorize their childhood time to make their bath time more exciting and comfortable.