Camo Bathroom Decor Ideas

Kinds of bathroom decor have been developed nowadays; there are many styles of bath decor we can find right now, from rubber duck to camo bathroom decor. Camo bath decor is focused in army-like style, for your information camo is abbreviation from camouflage. So, the decor has unique color choice and accessories.

Camouflage Decor for BathroomCamouflage Decor for Bathroom

Tips for Creating Camo Bathroom Decor

To create camo decor, you should consider these things below to get wonderful outlook of your bathroom.

First thing you should consider is your walls. Make the walls standout in true camouflage colors with some creative painting. Divide the wall using a chair rail, and paint the upper portion a tan color. Trace a freehand design on the wall for the bottom section to mimic a camouflage design. The four basic colors are tan, olive green, brown and black. How to proportion the scale of the design or the dominate colors is a matter of personal preference. Before you start to apply the paint, number the sections one through four, and use the numbers as a guide for each paint color. Use this opportunity to make necessary adjustments to the pattern you have traced on the wall.

Camouflage Bathroom DecorCamouflage Bathroom Decor

Window valance is the other important thing you should think of when you want to use camo decor in your bathroom. Cover the window with a camouflage bandanna. Make a simple valance by draping a row of bandannas over the curtain rod. The number of bandannas will depend on the width of the window and your preference of fullness. Lay each bandanna flat, and fold the material from the top down. Make adjustments to the placement of the fold line until you achieve the desired length of the valance. Most large bandannas are 21 x 21 inches square, which provides adequate material for a valance. Once you chosen the proper placement of the fold, machine stitch 2 inches below the fold to create the casing for the curtain rod. The short length of the folded material can either face out or be hidden from view.

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Besides the walls, wall border also needs special attention. Tie small bundles of twigs together for a wall border. Choose a manageable length of 3 feet and four or five thin branches. Secure the branches around the middle with twine, and attach near the ceiling with a nail. Arrange the border so the tip of each bundle touches the tip of the one beside it.

To get a perfect camo bathroom decor, you may not ignore the towels and accessories. Mix the colors of bath and hand towels to display tan, olive green, brown and black. Show the towels openly on a shelf, and vary the colors if one color is represented more than once. Choose a drinking glass, wastebasket and other displayed accessories in various camouflage colors. Spreading an area rug on the floor for color adds warmth on cold mornings.

Camo Toilet CoverCamo Toilet Cover

Shower curtain is the last thing you must consider to color your camo decor. A closed shower curtain is a predominate color in a bathroom. Choose tan or olive green when the bathroom is small and has minimal natural lighting. The lighter colors will reflect the light and give the bathroom a more open feeling.

Camo bathroom decor is unique and it is perfect for you, because everyone is unique.