Bathroom Rug Runner

Bathroom rug runner is one of the accessories in your bathroom; the function is to protect you from the slippery and can take on stressful footing. Rug runner is actually has the same function as other rugs, but the size of rug runner is longer than other rugs. When you have rug runner in your bathroom, you will feel like you step in a red carpet of new movie release.

Bathroom Run Runner

Bathroom Run Runner

Types of Bathroom Rug Runner

These are several types of bath rug runner; you can choose one of them as your liking. Namely first is restroom large bath rug runner this type is come in large size, it is used for large restroom area you can restroom in malls, hotels and restaurants these rugs come in varieties shapes, it is round, rectangle and square.

The second is lavatory rug runner for bathroom, it is used in lavatory space, you may step on the cold tile floor or wet floor you can choose this lavatory in large spaces.

The third is large bath rug runner, this bathroom rug it is suitable for the large bathroom, some of the bathroom have long and lined cubicles spaces for this area you may need long bathroom rug runner.

The fourth types of bath rug runner is black bath rug runner, is come in black colors. Black color is a popular color in rug runner, because this color is suitable in the combination of other colors and dust marks are not that visible so the surface looks always clean and not dirty easily.

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The fifth types is platform bathroom runner, it can be placed in the highly platform, sometimes you would not if your bathroom sinks look dirty stain marks or wet to keep it you must use platform bathroom runner.

Zig Zag Bath MatZig Zag Bath Mat

Making Bathroom Rug Runner on Your Own

A runner would give one nice long rug in front of both sinks. But runners can be pricey and generally not that bathroom friendly. So, if you are creative and you want to spend your little time, why don’t you make your own rug runner?

If you love the zig zag bath mat on your master bath mood board.  It is suggested for you to get two of them from West Elm for $24 each.  Two of them together would fit perfectly in front of the sinks. To keep it simple and machine washable, you should whip stitched the binding on the two rugs together to make the runner. Here is the following steps you should do:

Line up the rugs with ends butting.  Make sure the pattern lines up well.  If not, try turning one or both of the rugs around until you find two short ends that match up almost seamlessly.

Bring the edges of the rug where the seam meets up to a peak, so the binding underneath the loops is visible and touching.

Pull your thread through the needle.  Tie the two ends of the thread together.  Pull the needle through the edge of the rug binding from the bottom to start. Whip switch the binding together.  Don’t worry about pretty stitching, no one will see it.

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Continue whip stitching to other end of the rug.  Tie the threads off on the back of the rug. Once stitched together smooth down the peak and fluff the loops by the seam until the joint virtually disappears.

Gallery Bathroom RunnerGallery Bathroom Runner

Want to make bathroom rug runner on your own?  The tribal bath mat is still available at West Elm.  If you want another choice, Iznik bath mat would look great too, although the pattern will be different where the seams meet. Happy trying.