Delta Monitor Shower Faucet Repair

Delta Monitor shower faucet repair is a difficult thing if you have never worked with a Delta Monitor faucet before. The Delta Monitor series leaves some customers frustrated because the assembly of the handle can be difficult to remove. The difficulty is either because there are parts that “blend” together because of mineral deposits and water leakage or because it is difficult to understand how to remove all the parts to replace the cartridge.

removing delta monitor shower faucetremoving delta monitor shower faucet

For these reasons, it may not be a bad idea to call a plumber instead of attempting a Delta Monitor shower faucet repair by yourself. However if you are still trying to repair it by yourself, these are things you’ll need; Allen wrench, channel-lock pliers, and faucet replacement kit.

Step by step in repairing Delta monitor shower faucet

  1. Delta Monitor shower faucets use a type of ball and joint configuration and in order to achieve a very clean look, most pieces fit snuggly together and the screws are not always visible. Before you attempt to take apart your faucet, make sure that you have turned off the water to the shower and let any remaining water drain from the pipes.
  2. You have to remove the set screw in the side lever handle using an Allen wrench, after taking off the small cap on the end of the handle. Take off the temperature control knob and remove the screw in the rotation limit stop with the Allen wrench.
  3. Slide off the trim sleeve, the round O-ring and bonnet. Use a pair of channel-lock pliers to remove the bonnet if it is stuck because of sediment.
  4. Pull the cartridge straight back to remove it from the faucet head. Grip the top of the stem with your pliers if this part is stuck in the faucet.
  5. Insert new seat springs into the back of the new replacement cartridge, after coating them with plumber’s grease. Install the cartridge into the faucet head by pushing it firmly into the fixture.
  6. Reassemble the faucet by replacing the trim sleeve and bonnet, reattaching the side handle and tightening the screw, and then replacing the stop limit and temperature control knob.
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However it’s suggested for you to search on the internet for detailed drawings of your model before you start any efforts to repair the faucet by yourself. These drawings will give you some valuable information of what the different parts look like, as well as indicate where all the screws are, and what type of screwdriver you should use. By the aid of the drawings, your Delta Monitor repair should go more fluently.

The other thing you must know is what kind of replacement parts that you should buy. That’s why it’s better to begin your project early in the day. The only one safest way is if you can take off the existing cartridge without any difficulties, you can take it into the hardware store. You can ask an employee who is really understand about the product knowledge and she or he will help you to give information about what you need to purchase to finish the project.

Repairing Delta Monitor Shower Faucet is exactly not an easy thing, but after you know some information and steps you must do of course you can repair your own shower faucet by yourself. Are you ready to do it now?