Install Solid Surface Shower Walls : Modern Outlook For Your Bathroom

Nowadays, people like to spend much money on their bathrooms in order to get a comfortable bathroom. Everyone wants to make their bathroom as beautiful as they can. There are many theme designs that you can choose to make your bathroom more beautiful. One theme design which you can use is modern theme. The modern bathrooms have all types of luxuries associated with them. From magnificent Jacuzzis to beautiful bath tubs to solid surface shower walls, all these objects are used to make your bathroom more attractive.

solid surface shower walls instead of tile and groutsolid surface shower walls instead of tile and grout

Solid Surface Shower Walls

Solid surface shower walls will give eye-catching effects for your shower area. It’s recommended you use the same concrete tiles for the shower walls as you’ve used for the flooring. There’s a wide assortments of these concrete tiles available and you can choose the ones, which suits the best with your interests.

It’s better to contact a good bath and shower solutions provider for remodeling your bathing area in order to get a perfect transformation. The companies offer bath tubs, shower pans, cabinets, shelves, solid surface shower walls and other bathroom accessories. The advantages of using the companies is that they offer an overall service, right from helping you to finding the best solutions for your bathroom to the final fittings of the fixtures.

half solid surface shower wall capshalf solid surface shower wall caps

The benefit that you can get if you use solid surface for your shower walls is to make the bathing area more long lasting as they don’t get soaked with the water and protect the walls from molding.

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However there are some problems related to the using of solid surface shower walls. For example, it is quite difficult to clean them because of the joints between them. These joints are usually filled with cement grout, which is quite difficult to clean. The problem is not the dirt but the mold. There are few popular ways to keep them clean and one of it is to dry the shower area after taking the bath. You can do it by using dry towels or any worn out clothes and that is very important to keep them clean, otherwise there would be an ugly mess on your walls.

If you still find some difficulties in maintaining your solid surface shower walls as in the above mentioned, you can use different alkaline cleaners in the market as well. There are various brands of tile sealers available too, such as mineral or latex sealers. The latter one is more popular because they don’t have a particular smell. It is advisable to ask your tiles provider to find the best cleaner or sealer for the particular solid surface shower walls in your bathroom and by using that you can keep your bathroom walls clean and shiny.