White Ruffle Shower Curtain; A Luxury Effect For Your Bath

gorgeous white ruffled shower curtainsgorgeous white ruffled shower curtains

Shower curtain nowadays has been a fixture of bathroom that gets a full attention from home owners. Although it’s only a piece of fabric which has functioned as a door of shower stall, it can improve the aesthetics of your bath entirely.

Let’s imagine if your shower stall is only an ordinary white fabric, without any ornaments and because it’s getting older, the color is getting yellow. Then one of your friend come into your house and sees your bathroom, she will think what pity you are. Your clean and beautiful bathroom will disappear gradually because of the existence of your yellowish shower curtain. You can’t underestimate the function of shower curtain anymore. It’s not only a door, but also a part of your bath which will give extravagant effects.

There are many options of shower curtain available in home improvement stores. There are many designs in various ranging price which you can fit with your needs and pocket. One of the options is white ruffle shower curtain.

Ruffle Shower Curtain Pottery BarnRuffle Shower Curtain Pottery Barn

White Ruffle Shower Curtain Homemade

White ruffle shower curtain is a kind of curtain which can give a luxurious effect to your bath. The design which is completed with ruffle will take you into a gypsy world. Gypsy women who like wearing ruffled long skirt are known as the sexiest women in the world. Moreover they dance in their ruffled skirt. This curtain also gives a sexy touch of your bath with its ruffle. While the most popular color option is white. It increases the beauty of the curtain itself.

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white fabric shower curtainwhite fabric shower curtain

However the price tags of white ruffle shower curtain is overwhelming. That’s why many people will think twice to purchase it. Beautiful but expensive is not a good choice, especially for some housewives, they will look for something beautiful with reasonable price.  Because of the high price, there are some people who want to have white ruffle shower curtain try to make it by themselves. With lower price, they can bring a sexy and luxurious thing to their bath. Below are some steps which you can follow to change your ordinary white fabric into beautiful white ruffle shower curtain. However, first things you have to do is you have to prepare white fabric shower curtain, 2 king size 200 thread count cotton flat sheets, white cotton all purpose thread, sewing machine, scissors, ruler and no-fray glue (optional).

Wash the fabric, and then Cut Ruffles

If you want to finish your shower curtain to be machine washed, first wash all fabrics – both ready-made shower curtain and king-size sheets. Cut off the tip surrounded by sheets, and then cut lengthwise into strips 10 inches wide sheets.

Sew Ruffles

Measure the height of your shower curtain rod and length of the ready-made shower curtain. If you’d like a longer drop on the finished shower curtain, simply start the ruffle at the bottom of the shower curtain to add length. For example, to add eight inches of length to the curtain, position the first ruffle two inches from the bottom. If no additional height is required, sew the first ruffle 10 inches from the bottom of the curtain. Using the sewing machine, stitch strips of the sheet onto the fabric curtain, gathering the fabric while sewing to create a ruffle. Tip: A shower curtain should hang a couple of inches off the floor to prevent the bottom curtain from collecting water.

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Ruffle layers Line

It takes about 2-1/2 strip pieces to complete one row of ruffles; collecting cloth will help to hide the seam where the strips meet. Overlapping ruffles, working from the bottom of the curtain to the top. Tips: Buying a pre-made fabric shower curtain with a pattern of stripes or plaid will provide an outline to follow when sewing. If the curtain does not have a pattern, measure and mark the lines that run horizontal to follow each of nine inches. So there’s no wasted fabric, cut the excess fabric at the end of each line and use it to start the next. Continue adding rows of ruffles to overlap about an inch to cover the seam on the bottom line.

Sew Ruffle Top

To ruffle top, trim strip to the height of the remaining pieces on curtain plus a three-inch hem to allow for the above plus a one-inch overhang to cover the wrinkles before. For example: If six inches of space remained at the top of the curtain, trim strip 10-inches-wide and nine inches. Fold the strip under one inch at the top of the curtain. Pinch the fabric to make the ruffle, and then sew the strip to just below the opening curtain shower curtain rings. Make sure the fabric is folded at the bottom is sewn into the curtain as well. This fabric can be pinned into place, if necessary. Ruffle top stitching gives the advantage to be this way and cover the hole curtain rings. Cut all stray threads and any remaining excess fabric at the end of ruffle. The edges of the cut sheets can be left raw or finished with no-fray glue. Tip: To remove wrinkles, hang the shower curtain, then run a hot shower with the bathroom door closed and the exhaust fan off.

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Can you do the steps well? If you feel it’s quite difficult, maybe you can bring your white fabric shower curtain to a professional tailor to make it into beautiful white ruffle shower curtain. It’s extremely cheaper than you purchase the original one, but if the original is affordable for you, you can take white ruffle shower curtain home and feel the sexy sensation of the curtain to your bath.