Inspiring Tiled Bathroom Shower Ideas

Tiles in bathroom are not only about to put in floor or walls, here are some tiled bathroom shower ideas that will give you inspiration to cheer up your bathing space.

Stone Tile Ideas For Bathroom

Stone Tile Ideas For Bathroom

Idea One: Adding Accent Tile to The Wall Inside The Shower

To do this idea, you can get inspiration from a kitchen. Usually many homeowners place intricate mosaic tiles behind a range. You also can do the same thing in a shower. To avoid your shower looks too crowded, you can keep the rest of the walls and border in a fairly neutral colors. For getting nice combination, you can mix up the pattern of the tile on one wall, for example some tiles laid on the diagonal.

Idea Two: Use the Various Tiles Inside The Shower

There’s no restriction to use the same tiles inside the shower. You can use any design and size bathroom tiles in order to get a beautiful bathroom look. You also can use any type of bathroom tiles, for example white subway tile to manipulate the height, glass mosaic tile above the subway tile for an unexpected visual twist and pebble tile on the floor for getting a free and gentle foot massage.

Sleek White Subway Tile Idea Around Bathroom Vanities

Sleek White Subway Tile Idea Around Bathroom Vanities

Idea Three: Pattern Your Shower Tiles To Add Beauty Look

Avoid using shower tiles in common ways, finding something new to get a unique bathroom look. For example you can use mosaic glass tiles for recurring border, you can also create a border with black tiles to create a division between a white and brown mosaic tile arrangement. This idea is similar to break up the wall space.

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Idea Four: Put Tiles in Bathroom Shower Ceiling

Focusing on floor and walls is not in the era anymore, it’s time to apply something new; install tiled bathroom shower ideas on your bathroom ceiling. Don’t you know that giving tiles on the ceiling can add texture, color and pattern to your bathroom?

Glass Tiles For Bathroom Walls

Glass Tiles For Bathroom Walls

Idea Five: Playing with Tiles To Complement Materials in The Rest of The Room

Outside the shower, some baths usually do not have a lot of tiles. Other colors and materials usually get a great opportunity to be highlighted by the bathroom shower tiles, for example, ragged-cut slate in the shower to accent a wood-frame tub and plank floors.

You can use these tiled bathroom shower ideas or other ideas that you find out there. However, one rule that you should follow about selecting tiles is to find waterproof and durable tile. At last but not least, make sure that you grout the tiles properly.