Portable Showers For Camping: Idea For Fun Camping

Portable shower

Portable shower

Portable showers for camping are new stuff, which can make your camping more fun, especially for young people and families. As we know not many campsites that provide clean and fit bathrooms for camping lovers. This makes the campers often do not pay attention to their body hygiene, which will then lead to some skin diseases in later days.

To overcome this is usually the parents will ask their children who like to camp bringing a bar of soap and find a river or spring water to cleanse their bodies. However in fact this has an impact on the environment due to harmful chemicals contained in soaps can pollute the river or spring water. If the river or spring is contaminated, it would harm for those who consume the water and for creatures which live in it.

Portable Shower Tent

Portable Shower Tent

Along with the development of modern era, some inventors have found portable showers that will provide a luxury bathroom taste for camping lovers in the open space though. By bringing your own portable showers you will not feel uncomfortable and sticky when camping.

The Options of Portable Shower for Camping

There are many options of portable shower available on the market today. A complete portable camping shower is very simple: it includes a shower tent and a solar shower bag. The more expensive and sophisticated models come with heavier and more efficient heating equipment like propane gas units. Most of the portable camping showers fold very easily and some are light enough that you can carry along with your backpack although a majority of camp shower types are pretty heavy and are more suited for being carried around in your car. You can unfold the tent anywhere and hang the shower bag from the ceiling of the tent or outside, hanging from a tree, a boulder or anything high enough and you have a warm shower from the privacy of the shower tent.

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If you buy a solar-heated shower you do have to wait for the shower bag to be heated by the sun for at least 2 hours, depending on the shower bag capacity, to have the perfect water temperature so you will have to plan ahead in that regard. For example, after a day of hiking you can decide to stop while the sun is still out, fill up the shower bag at a nearby body of water and lay it down on a rock or a dark surface to speed up the heating. You can also leave the shower bag outside all night and in the morning when waking up, it will have been heated by the morning sun rays and you can then enjoy the luxury of taking a nice morning shower in nature.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Portable Showers for Camping

You can choose a portable shower that you want to suit your needs. Here are some thinghhs you can consider before you buy a portable shower:

Battery Shower

Battery Shower

1.        Portability

Choose a portable shower that is easy to bring when you camping. So it will not make you difficult while you are walking in hard tracks.

2.      Functionality

It is an important thing to be considered when you are ging to buy a portable shower. There are different showerheadswith a variety of functionalities that are usually available in the market. This can include a heating system that is solar based or even water control methods. If you are camping out in areas that are associated with cold climatic conditions, it is advisable to go for a portable camping shower tent has got such features or even one equipped with roofing.

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3.        Price and Quality

Like buying other items, we always choose a good quality product with reasonable price. It’s suggested you have to find details of portable shower you are going to purchase and don’t stay in only one shop. Compare with another shop until you get the best price, it help you to save your money.

Well, are you ready to have a clean and comfortable camping now? Choose and purchase your favorite portable showers for camping.