Shower Seats For Elderly: Love And Needs

Shower seats for elderly are important stuff for our lovely grandparents. For healthy person, bathing time is extremely wonderful time to have relaxation. However for elderly or disabled person, bathing time could be a scary thing to do. Some elderly or disabled persons always feel unconfident and afraid when they are going to bath because they don’t feel comfort and afraid of falling down and slipped.

Nowadays in the advance of bathing technology, shower chair for elderly and disabled has come in various designs and styles which can suit with your entirely design of your bathroom. However the only one function of the shower chair is helping the elderly or disabled persons to have their bathing time more comfortable and fun. By having shower chair, elderly will increase their confidence because they can do their bathing time without any assistance from the others. This increasing of self confidence will make their life happier.

Shower seat for elderlyShower seat for elderly

Basic Features of Shower Seats for Elderly

Although shower chairs for elderly come in various designs and styles, there are some basic features which must be owned by the shower chair in order to get safety and security for the user. Shower chair for elderly is usually sturdy but comfort to sit. The body of the shower chair usually made from strong plastic. It must be waterproof and without sharp edges. Sometimes to make the chair is more eyes catching; it can be made from teak wood.

The shower chair for elderly must be held up by four legs which is on the bottom of the legs must be rubber coated for secure grip; it is called as suction feet. The chair legs are usually made from metal to give any strength to support the elderly to sit.  The chair also must have back as well as arm grip to support the elderly when they are going to sit or stand up. Arm grip or can be said as handle bars which give extra place to grip with the hands when the elderly getting in and out of the shower.

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The other features are the existence of a hole or multiple holes in the seat to allow water to drain away and prevent build up some mildew on the chair. Some chairs also completed with adjustable height which can make the users easier to adjust the height of the chair suit with their needs.

Folding Shower ChairFolding Shower Chair

Some of shower chair  can be folded up if it is not in use. So it will give comfort for other bathroom users to have bathing time without feel that their bathroom is going narrower. These folding up design enable the chair to bring when the family has some picnic or recreation time. However there are also some chairs which are permanently placed near shower. These designs are safe when the elderly at home by themselves and the others are going to work. So the elderly can use the chairs anytime they want.

Shower chair for elderly does not only come in custom functioned chair but also in other design, for example a shower transfer bench chair, bariatric shower chair and rolling shower chair. A bench chair looks like the custom shower chair but it has longer seat. This longer seat enables the elderly to have extra space to mobile easily. Bariatric shower chair is intended to heavy weight elderly. It can support for 550 pounds weight. It is usually made from combination of strengthened plastic and stainless steel. The plastic is on the seat and back. In addition the stainless steel provides the framework and legs. It is comfort to skin and easy to clean. Roller shower chair is a chair which completed with wheels. A standard safety for this chair is having hocks for the wheels and easy to engage and disengage.

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The Options of Shower Seats for Elderly

If you are searching for the best shower seat for elderly, below are some designs which can be considered for your choice. They are four stars rating in Amazon.

Ableware Bath and safe shower chair with arms and back features suction feet, and adjustable height legs. The width of the seat is 22 inches, the width of the feet is 17 inches and the width for the arms is 17.5 inches. It is made from strong durable plastic with drain holes and it is easy to clean. It is sold under $55.

Shower BenchShower Bench

Essential medical supply molded shower bench with arms and back features padded arms, longer type textured seat and adjustable height. It is 21 inches in width and rubber secure footing. It is a bench but like a ordinary shower chair because it is not very long. It is sold under $50.

Drive medical bath bench with back and removable padded arms features adjustable height, lightweight, easy to assemble, suction feet and drain holes in the seat. The chair’s price is in range of $50.

Hopefully now you can decide which the best shower seat is. Shower seats for elderly are very useful things for reveal how much we love our parents or grandparents.