Choosing Favorite Kids Bathroom Shower Curtains

Shower curtain is a bathroom accessory which can affect the totally look of a bathroom. It can change your bathroom to be more elegant, masculine, or girlish. How about for kids bathroom? For your information, kids bathroom shower curtains come in various designs.

When you are decorating your child’s bathroom, you will likely consider a theme first. Children’s shower curtains are available in themes from action items like cars and trucks to heroes that children easily recognize — Dora, Buzz, Woody, and Mickey Mouse. First thing you have to know before choosing the shower curtain; you should know what your favorite figures of your kid are. Choose your child’s favorite theme, purchase a shower curtain, add some accessories, and your decorating is done!

Designs of Kids Bathroom Shower Curtains

Below are some examples of kids shower curtain that may help you to give options to your kids to choose what they like.

Rubber Duck Shower CurtainRubber Duck Shower Curtain

The first shower curtain, which can be an optional, is A Rubber Duck. It can be adorable! Just imagine all the ways you could decorate with rubber duckies. Let the shower curtain be your children room focus and add rubber ducks in a basket on the back of the commode, in the windowsill, or even hanging from the ceiling– mobile style.

Monkey Shower CurtainMonkey Shower Curtain

The next design of kid shower curtain is Monkeying Around. Your kid bathroom will change to be more fun. The monkeys are dancing in the trees and your children will totally enjoy their capers. This shower curtain is 100% cotton.

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Dora Shower CurtainDora Shower Curtain

The other design, which you can choose for your kid shower curtain, is Dora the explorer. Dora is one of favorite shower curtains for children. Every preschooler loves Dora the Explorer! Boys and girls alike enjoy Dora on television and in books! Now Dora’s adventures include a trip to the shower. It definitely will bring fun to your kid bathroom.

Mickey Mouse Shower CurtainMickey Mouse Shower Curtain

The last and the most popular shower curtain design for kid is Mickey Mouse. What could be more basic and more fun than a Mickey Mouse shower curtain? And of course, there are so many Mickey Mouse bathroom accessories, that decorating is fast, easy and fun! Your Disneyworld-fan children will adore this one. Don’t worry, this curtain can be washed.

So let your children to choose their favorite design and get ready to come to their world that is full of color and fun by having favorite kids bathroom shower curtains.