Rubber Ducky Shower Curtain : Choose With Care

Rubber Ducky shower curtain is one of the most wanted curtains in the world. Shower curtain is a lovely accessory, which can make your bathroom more cheerful. Many designs of shower curtains are available; you can choose which one fits with your desire. Shower curtain is also made from many materials, such as fabric, plastic sheet, and PVC. The materials decide the durability and how to maintain the products. So, you must be careful when you want to purchase shower curtains; you must not only think of the beauty of shower curtains’ look, but also consider the material which is as the base form of the curtain. If you consider those two things, it’s hoped that you don’t only get a stylish shower curtain, but also a durable one.

Rubbeer Ducky CurtainRubbeer Ducky Curtain

Rubber Ducky Shower Curtain

Yellow ducks are swimming in the river with their funny look is exactly an interesting picture to color your bathroom. If you are a kind of person which is funny, a person which has a child heart, or a person which has some children, this funny shower curtain is definitely fit on you.

rubber ducky shower curtain white yellowrubber ducky shower curtain white yellow

Rubber ducky is a cartoon figure of yellow duck which introduced to the world for first time in 1970. They were come by Jim Henson and the Muppet. Then it developed greater into children toys with rubber material and usually came with a unique sound which make little children are interested. That’s an old toy, perhaps when you were child, you had one of this toys; you played the rubber ducky while you were showering at the time. That’s why if you want to memorize your rubber ducky, you can put the  shower curtain to your bathroom instead of putting it on your kids’ bathroom.

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Rubber ducky is really one of famous cartoon figure all the time. Moreover, because of its popularity, rubber ducky also give ideas for some people to have charity which is held regularly in some countries. The charity is called as the running rubber ducky charity. Typically the techniques of the charity are the participants buy traditional yellow ducks and they decorate them. They bring them to the event where a river or some type of flowing water and release them all at the same time. The first rubber ducky to cross the finish line receives a prize and the best decorated too.

rubber ducky fabric shower curtainrubber ducky fabric shower curtain

Now this cute figure of rubber ducky will not only be a toy, but also it will decorate your bathroom to give funny and cheerful effects in it. It comes not only as a shower curtain decoration, but also other bathroom accessories decoration. You can put general theme of rubber ducky in your bathroom by putting all stuffs related to the ducky in it. However, your rubber ducky curtain represents enough of your feeling as rubber ducky fans.

Most of rubber ducky shower curtains are made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).  No many customers know that PVC shower curtain is dangerous for their life; of course it includes your ruby ducky shower curtain. You should know that this kind of shower curtain could be off-gassing more than 100 different kinds of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These VOCs can cause eye, nose, and throat irritation. It can also damage to liver, kidneys and central nervous system. Some VOCs also have been known to cancer cause in humans.

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Rubber Ducky Shower CurtainRubber Ducky Shower Curtain

 The two main cancer causing VOCs detected in the PVC shower curtains are toluene and ethylbenzene. These two chemicals are known to cause cancer, as well as, reproductive toxicity. In the state of California it is illegal for a company to expose individuals to these chemicals without warning. So the next time you are taking a shower, you could be exposing yourself to carcinogens without even knowing it.

There is no any fixed regulation related to the use of PVC shower curtain, but some institution recommends labeling the shower curtain with PVC or Free PVC, so you can be more careful to choose the best material for your bathroom, especially for your kids’ bathroom.

Rubber ducky shower curtain which displays yellow cute and funny ducks is extremely a good look for your bathroom. Bath time will exactly be so much fun with this adorable shower curtain, but you must be careful choosing the materials which form the curtain in order to not endanger your family. It’s recommended for you who are rubber ducky’s lover, choose fabric material instead of PVC, so that you will get a cheerful rubber ducky but it is not dangerous for your health.