Choosing Beautiful Glass Sinks For Bathrooms

Glass sinks for bathrooms can be extra fixtures to improve the aesthetics value of your bathroom and your home entirely. These sinks are very suitable for people who want something striking, new, and custom. The beauty of glass sinks can make people who see them will breath away because amaze with their uniqueness. Glass bathroom sinks are popular choice for modern people nowadays. They often called as vessel sinks as well; they are usually glass containers with any designs and forms that sit permanently on top of a cabinet or base. If you see them, they look like sitting there but actually, they are attached permanently in order to connect to the plumbing.

Bathroom Glass SinkBathroom Glass Sink

The Ultimate of Glass Sinks for Bathroom

Glass bathroom sinks come in various designs, styles, shapes and colors. You can choose a design with an ornately patterned flower or a simple solid blue fluted. In addition, although the sinks are more interesting and easier to clean compare than other traditional sinks, the sinks are less expensive. You can purchase them only from $400 until $1,500.

 For your information, glass is known as versatile material. It is capable of taking any form and shape during the manufacturing. Glass is also strong material. That’s why many sinks’ manufacturers choose glass as new basic material for the sinks. In addition, glass is durable. A glass sink is designed to withstand changes in temperature of up 70 degrees without danger.

Bathroom Glass VanityBathroom Glass Vanity

The important thing if you want your glass sink will be long lasting, you have to maintain it regularly. You only need a solution if vinegar and water to remove any spots that do not come off easily. It is recommended not to use abrasive cleaners.

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Before installing the sink, it is important to prepare all the necessary plumbing attachments carefully. Drains and faucet attachments should only be hand-tightened, because over tightening can put too much pressure on the glass and cause it to break. That’s why it is suggested that you have to contact professional contractor to install your glass sink

The Disadvantage of Glass Sinks for Bathrooms

Although glass sink has some ultimate benefits because of their versatility and sophistication, this sinks also comes with some disadvantages. One of these is the breakage of the glass. The breakage can occur prior and during the installation of the sink. There are two fundamental reasons to cause glass breakage.

Bowl SinkBowl Sink

The first reason is thermal shock. Glass sinks will be in good condition if the temperatures changes around from normal up to seventy degrees Fahrenheit. However, if you put water at a temperature of more than one hundred twenty degrees Fahrenheit, it will cause the breakage of the glass. Thermal shock or can be said as sudden change in temperature can also cause the glass cracking. That’s why you have to be careful if you decide to use glass sink in your bathroom.

The second reason is over tight of drain assembly. To get a drain or sink to be properly tightened, it must be done manually. You have done this manual project with gentle and carefully. If you force yourself to tighten the sink using a wrench, it can cause over tight that cause the glass breakage. Moreover, plumbers or glass installers must be careful during installation; they have to avoid the contact between glass and metal materials. That’s why gaskets are needed to be placed in between the glass and the metal to prevent the breakage.

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Now you have to know the ultimate and the disadvantages of glass sinks for bathrooms, it is your time to decide whether you want to use the sinks in your bathroom to get a luxurious bathroom.