Aristokraft Bathroom Cabinets Offer The Best Products

Aristokraft cabinets is one of the top brands in America that was built in 1954 and has been a leader as a provider of the best cabinet with superior quality. Aristokraft cabinets produces not only Aristokraft bathroom cabinets, but also cabinets that are designed for another rooms in our house. However, bathroom and kitchen cabinets are their ultimate products.

Aristokraft cabinets made of various wood types, such as maple, birch, cherry, oak, hickory, thermofoil and laminate. They also give a 5 year comprehensive warranty in the event of manufacturing defect. They also give a lifetime warranty on all drawers that are broken because of the production process.

Aristokraft Bathroom CabinetsAristokraft Bathroom Cabinets

The Overview of Aristokraft Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets from Aristokraft have three fundamental construction types; standard construction, select construction, and ply select construction.

If you choose a bathroom cabinet with standard construction, you will get these features on your cabinet; shelves that can be adjust as your needs with ½” thick, furniture board cabinet sides with 3/8” thick, and heavy-duty furniture board drawers with ½” thick.

However, select construction offer you shelves with adjustable functions in 3/4” thick, 3/8” thick furniture board cabinet sides, and all wood dovetail drawers with concealed guides in ½” thick.

Ply select construction can you choose if you need adjustable shelves with ¾ “thick, plywood cabinet sides in 3/8”, and ¾” thick all wood dovetail drawers with concealed guides.

Maple Wood Aristokraft Bathroom CabinetsMaple Wood Aristokraft Bathroom Cabinets

You also can choose bathroom cabinets based on the wood types they made. There are various wood choices; maple, birch, cherry, oak, hickory, laminate, and rustic birch.

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The first option is maple bathroom cabinets. You can get a strong and resilient wood cabinet with a uniform tight grain and smooth look. This cabinet comes with common mineral streaks and it will appear darker with stain. The second choice is birch bathroom cabinets that offer you an even-textured, fine-grained cabinet wood with a curly or wavy pattern. Birch cabinet is known as strong and heavy with a high resistance to abrasion, smooth and dense surface texture. You will also get a cabinet with paints, stains and polishes apply with perfection.

The third option is cherry bathroom cabinet with top of the line hardwood completed by a rich and natural reddish brown tone. Uniform tight grain allows finishes to be applied easily. This cabinet also offers characteristics include mineral streaks, pin knots, and curly graining. It will darken with age and exposure to light. Smooth wood grain, which build this cabinet make a pattern with random markings.

Augusta Antique Aristokraft Bathroom CabinetsAugusta Antique Aristokraft Bathroom Cabinets

The fourth option is oak bathroom cabinet, which is very strong with distinctive grain patterns. Grain patterns in this cabinet include fine lines, pin stripe, leafy grains and watery figures. It also comes with grain variations that create a color gradation when stain is applied. The fifth bathroom cabinet that is offered bt Aristokraft is Hickory bathroom cabinet. It is smooth, extremely strong, close-grained wood with a flowing grain pattern. It contains characteristics include pecks, mineral streaks, and burls. This cabinet texture welcomes a full range of finishes easily. It also offers drastic changes from light to dark in wood grain. The bathroom cabinet has dramatic and rugged look.

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The sixth choice is laminate bathroom cabinet. This cabinet’s ultimate is molded decorative door profile with a durable attractive finish offers carefree maintenance. This cabinet also may have sleek surface. It is designed to replicate a painted finish. It comes in traditional setting which creates a fresh and contemporary feel. The color of the cabinet may change slightly over time, depending on environmental conditions.

The last option is rustic birch bathroom cabinet. This cabinet is extremely strong with flowing grain pattern and unique rustic look. It comes with characteristics include pecks, mineral streaks and burls. You can find knots on its doors and drawers. The cabinet also offers distinct changes from light to dark wood grain. It has dramatic and rugged appearance.

With Aristokraft Cabinetry, it’s easy to make every bathroom cabinet on your own. The wide selection of bathroom cabinet accessories, mouldings, hardware and organization solutions let you personalize your bathroom inside and out.

It is your time to determine your choice and get ready to personalize your bathroom with Aristokraft bathroom cabinets.